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6 Tips for Choosing A Good Auto Repair Shop

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Research is the Key to Choosing a Good Auto Repair Shop

It takes a couple of years of driving, but eventually, every car owner finds an auto repair shop or chosen mechanic that they regularly entrust with the servicing, repairing, and general upkeep of their cars.

Maybe it’s the quality of workmanship, the manner in which you are dealt with at the reception area, or the agreeable costs that won you over. However, if you still haven’t found that one repair shop that you feel entirely comfortable with, we’ve compiled a guide to help you along. After all, you’re spending enough on the maintenance of your car that you should expect the best possible service.

Consult with friends and family
A word-of-mouth referral is an excellent way to try out mechanics you haven’t yet heard of. Ask your relatives about their experiences, and if you receive enough positive reviews about one place, chances are it’s a smart bet for you too.

Take your time
Immediately after a motoring emergency, such as a dreaded blown gasket, it can be tempting to jump at the first opportunity to get your car fixed. By doing this, you’re not affording yourself the benefit of shopping around for the best possible quote or repair shop. By visiting just three different repair shops, you’ll get a good idea of costs and you’ll also be alerted to any diagnosis that seems superfluous or suspicious.

Don’t choose based on price alone
While the most affordable option may be the most appealing to you, an unusually low quote for what appears to be a complex job could mean trouble for you (and your car) further down the line. On a different note, the most expensive quote does not necessarily mean that you’re going to get the best work done. This is why it’s so important to do your research and have enough information to compare quotes and the professionalism of written estimates before making your decision.

Check online reviews
Generally, consumers are at their most honest within an online forum, which means that online reviews have become an extremely powerful tool for choosing virtually any kind of service. It’s also a space where underperforming businesses can’t hide: on Google, for example, negative reviews can’t be deleted unless they infringe on one of the search engine giant’s policies.

Look out for warranties and guarantees
Any auto repair shop that offers you a comprehensive warranty on work done is immediately communicating to you that they have faith in the work they do, the parts they use, and their ability to repair your vehicle. Added to this, you’re well within your rights to question auto shops on their certifications, such as the respected Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificate.

Trust your instincts
If a certain quote appears at odds with the work that needs to be done, or requires more time than seems reasonable, do your research on that specific item and find out if the mechanic’s explanation adds up. If it doesn’t, you’ve got no obligation to go ahead with the repair.

All of these hints can be summed up in one word: research! The more you know about your specific model and the type of repair, the better the decision you can make. As a final takeaway, we would highly recommend using a workshop that specializes in your model or brand of car, as this negates much of the unique complexity that comes with working on individual models.

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