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Performance Upgrade Parts Takes These Cars to a New Level

performance upgrade parts

Some of our best performance upgrade part suppliers, from Numeric Racing Parts to Akrapovic, offer everything you need to turn your German sports car into something unique and special. Yet, while any car can be modified and tuned for enhanced performance, some German classics are just better suited for it than others.

What makes a car more ‘modifiable’ than the one parked next to it, you may ask? Well, if your vehicle ticks most or all of these boxes, it probably fits the bill:

  • The more reliable and mechanically sound a car is in its standard form, the better it will be able to withstand any upgrades.
  • The more popular and common your specific model is, the greater the chance is that bespoke performance parts are available and that they have been especially designed for your vehicle.
  • Strong chassis/suspension. This is self-explanatory, but any car that handles well in standard form is ripe for some explosive tuning results.
  • ‘Sleeper’ looks. Simply because there’s something magical about wringing epic performance out of something that looks unassuming.


Our top German picks for Performance Upgrades


BMW 3 Series (e30)

With its revered, compact rear-wheel drive layout, iconic but – in standard form – conservative looks, and bulletproof engines, there are precious few more exciting prospects for tuning than the e30. While the M3 is undoubtedly the holy grail of this model line, don’t discount what can be done to a 325i in the workshop with the right parts. Done properly, an upgraded e30 still smokes many newer Bimmers for street cred.

Audi TT

Already a fantastic coupé, most TT’s can easily handle additional power thanks to tremendous grip provided by the Quattro drivetrain. Considering the relatively light weight of the TT and Audi’s rock solid build quality, you’ve got the essential ingredients to create something truly special.

Porsche 911

Maybe it’s the Porsche badge. Perhaps it’s the fact that the basic silhouette hasn’t been tampered with much in 50 years. Whatever it is, the Porsche 911 seems to wear performance upgrades better than possibly any other production vehicle, without ever coming across as tacky. With mechanicals that rarely feel pushed to their limits, additional power is always an option, but that’s just the beginning. The bodywork is possibly the best basic canvas for dramatic cosmetic upgrades, while there are several parts available from our suppliers to set your 911 apart. Whether you own a modern version or a classic, the 911 seems purpose-built for performance, even if some of that construction takes place outside the walls of Porsche HQ!

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (W204)

While you can choose from several Mercedes AMG models that are fit for tuning or styling upgrades, our pick is for the W204 C63 sedan. This was the C-Class that really took it to the 3 Series, with an attractive design, great engines, and a superb driving experience. The C63 AMG was – and remains – an absolute monster, but with so many of them around, this sedan is a great choice to revitalize in the aesthetics department. The AMG engine can also be tuned to deliver even more power, and the strong chassis means there is room for improvement in that area too. Throw in the C-Class’s reputation for reliability, and this car is a great tuning pick.

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