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Performance Upgrades Gone Wrong

Performance Upgrades

When it comes to the world of performance tuning, there are limitless options to consider. But this doesn’t mean that all upgrade options work well together; making a mistake can quickly turn your car into a tuning nightmare. We’ve compiled a list of the top mistakes to avoid when it comes to tuning your car. Here’s what not to do when getting performance upgrades installed on your car.

Falling For The Latest Trends

As with clothing fashion trends, car tuning trends also change over the years. Unless you’re willing to completely re-tune your car each year, it’s wise to consider your performance upgrades carefully. It’s especially important to plan your body kit mods carefully, as these are the most visible when you’re on the road. You may want to avoid chrome spinners or too many skull-headed figures on your paintwork, as these are the kinds of mods that become tired quickly. Be discerning about body kits and paintwork, as these can also affect your resale value.

Too Much Power

Power is great, but only if you can access it. You can have all the power you could ever want, but unless you’re able to transfer it onto the road, it will be wasted. The key is not to only focus on the engine but to also look at the handling, gearboxes, braking power, and so on. Successful performance upgrades are ones that improve your car’s all-round performance. An impressive-sounding engine may impress at the traffic lights, but you may be left behind in smoke when the light hits green.

Shedding Too Much Weight

Shedding weight off your car is an effective way to increase its performance. It’s important to know what to remove and what to keep. For instance, removing your heater system may seem like a good idea in summer, but you may regret it in the cooler winter months. Stripping off certain sound deadening materials can also cause your car to be noisier, which may become an irritation over time. The key to car weight loss depends on how often you use your car. If it’s a daily commuter, then it may be best to keep important components intact. However, if it’s a weekend ball of fury, then you can consider cutting down on that extra weight.

Choosing The Wrong Brake Pads

When it comes to aftermarket brake pad manufacturers, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Options range from general use to full race-ready brake pads. Going for top-spec brake pads may seem like the right move, however, it could be overkill for your car. Unless you’re driving a hyper car, general performance spec brake pads will work effectively on your car. Top-spec brake pads need to heat up to work at their best, so unless you’re cruising around a race track, you’ll be fine with a lower spec brake pad compound.

Ruining Your Aerodynamics

Body kits can be a real head-turner on the road. All of us have seen cars with an oversized rear wing or a ferocious hood scoop. But bigger is not necessarily better in the word of performance upgrades. Massive wings and scoops can add a serious amount of aerodynamic drag onto your car, which will affect your acceleration and speed considerably. At the same time, going to the other extreme and having no rear spoiler or scoop may also negatively affect your car’s performance. It’s best to chat with the performance upgrade professionals to get sound aerodynamic advice for your car.

Upgrading In The Wrong Order

This is a really important consideration. Getting performance upgrades installed in the wrong order can end up costing you an arm and a leg. For instance, fitting larger wheels without lowering your suspension can just look ridiculous. At the same time, fitting skinny wheels with a wide-body kit may also look embarrassing and end up costing you. The biggest risk is doing engine upgrades in the wrong order by not consulting with a reputable performance upgrade specialist. This is where trusting the professionals play a big role, as they understand how various engine components work together and which parts will significantly improve your performance.

The Performance Upgrades Professionals

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our team of technicians is seasoned when it comes to performance upgrades. They’ll be able to give you sound advice on which upgrades to prioritize for your car. We also offer a full range of branded and backed up performance parts, and we’re fully equipped when it comes to installing them. Trust us to give your car the performance edge you’ve been desiring by calling us today at (954) 746-0488.

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