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Popular Porsche Cars At The 2019 DRT

Porsche Cars

Since 2015 Das Renn Treffen (or DRT), has been a firm and favorite fixture on the South Florida car enthusiasts’ radar. Launched after VolksBlast, (a twenty-year-old vintage car show born from various car clubs such as the Wide Five VW and the Palmetto Bugs), DRT never fails to impress. The first event launched in 2015 and was originally meant to raise funds for various charities. After its first success, members saw the potential such an event could have on the community in addition to the charities it could benefit.

From humble beginnings, with just over one hundred spectators at the first event, DRT has grown significantly. The car show now boasts over four hundred and fifty vehicles, more than ten thousand spectators annually, and has raised six figures for the charities it supports. It’s no wonder that it is considered the most anticipated Porsche event of the year on America’s East Coast.

This Year’s Event

Having taken place over Feb 8-10th, this three-day Porsche focused extravaganza showed off rare historical models, from race cars to sports models, and was pegged as a “must attend” for car all enthusiasts. Needless to say, the high-octane community was revved up, fully fueled, and astounded by the spectacular array of fantastic vehicles and stands on display this year. Some of the most spectacular and hyped models that really got the spectator’s engines running included:

Porsche RS Tribute Vehicles

As every Porsche enthusiast knows – the 911 is the essence of Porsche! These naturally aspirated stunners have evolved considerably since debuting in 1972. With some incredible Porsche performance and styling additions, these cars really do speak for themselves!

  • 1974 Model

    This 1974 911 RSR Tribute, with a chassis number 9114100773, is a custom-built vehicle honoring the original and glorious 911 RSRs of the 70s. This car was stripped and built to many exacting specifications, with a good number of cosmetic modifications and installation of lightweight fiberglass components. It went through a complete repaint in Tangerine after a full media blast was performed to allow it to be repainted on bare metal. Its original impact bumpers have been removed and replaced with front/rear fiberglass RSR-style bumpers. The overall styling has been backdated with an early-911 style hood and ducktail spoiler on a fiberglass deck lid.

    Under the hood is a Carrera 3.2L flat-6 with Motronic fuel injection. A pair of aluminum-coated headers and a ceramic coated center-exit muffler are also fitted. Power is sent to the rear wheels using a 915 5-speed transaxle. New Michelin TB15 tires wrap around the gorgeous 15″-wide Fuchs-style wheels to complete the package.

    The interior also got an update. The vehicle remains true in aesthetic authenticity with new low-back bucket seats in period-correct orange and black tartan inserts. Installed throughout the cabin is a new lightweight Perlon carpeting, and to top it all off the dash has a custom stitched cover.

    We would all love to have a copy of the original 911 RSR. But as prices continue to soar on rare vintage air-cooled Porsches, it’s worth a look to consider a well-built RSR Tribute car like this fine example.

  • 1986 Model

    This 1986 Porsche 911 outlaw has become a popular feature in our workshop and on the streets. With some awesome customizations such as a performance exhaust, Hoosier R7’s, Brembo brakes, fiberglass bumpers, a ceramic bonded, thermal conductive coating on the engine, and GT2 997 sport bucket seats (to mention a few), this is one outstanding vehicle, which made a lasting impression at this year’s event!

  • 1994 Model

    This incredible vehicle is a ‘lightened limited edition performance version of the Porsche 911 Carrera from the 1990’s’. Only 2282 of the 964 RS America vehicles were produced, which speaks to why these days you can expect to dish out in the region of around $2.5 million to own one of these beauties.

    The vehicle featured at our exhibit at DRT 2019 is a unique example of the 1974 RS America tributes. Beginning as a street car, it was then converted to a race vehicle. After 15 years on the track, racing with PBOC and Porsche Club America, it retired its stripes and we converted it back to a street car 10 years ago as this stellar example of a ’74 tribute.

    It houses a 3.8-liter power plant. It includes some fantastic customizations as well as a proper cold AC and a throwback to the original black and white houndstooth interior. Today it spends its time travelling to shows. Its owner has had the vehicle since new and has been a one of our customers since 1994!

It houses a 3.8-liter power plant. It includes some fantastic customizations as well as a proper cold AC and a throwback to the original black and white houndstooth interior. Today it spends its time travelling to shows. Its owner has had the vehicle since new and has been a one of our customers since 1994!

918 Spyder

This particular 2015 918 Spyder has the very desirable Weissach package option from the factory.   The Weissach package adds further performance to the 918 with a noticeable weight reduction (puts it on a diet!) and various aerodynamic tweaks.  These include lighter magnesium wheels, more carbon fiber in the bodywork, a bit less soundproofing than the standard 918s, fireproof seats instead of the standard leather seats, and aero-blades behind the rear-wheel arches.  With these tweaks, the Weissach 918 has shattered the 7-minute lap time barrier for a street-legal car to go around the Nurburgring at a mind-blowing 6m 57s. 

The exterior color on this 918 is known as Basalt Black Metallic in factory terms, and the interior has the Onyx Black leather with Acid Green piping, which is actually a $25k factory option.   It is also equipped with the very useful and accommodating Front Axle Lift System – when activated, the front ground clearance increases by an inch or so, allowing the car to navigate ramps and city terrains without damaging bodywork.  This is a $10k factory option as well.

Other features include a high-fidelity Burmester high-end surround sound system, seat pads for the light weight fireproof seats, and a Porsche Universal Charger for the 918’s hybrid battery pack if you are keen to drive it with just battery power without the gasoline engine recharging it.

In terms of performance, the car has a hybrid electric-gasoline powerplant – the gasoline engine is a screaming 4.6L V8 which produces about 887 bhp.  A 7-speed ultra-fast PDK works in conjunction with the AWD system to produce shocking acceleration from a standstill – with more than 1g of acceleration force.  Luckily, the car comes with huge Carbon Ceramic brakes to pull it to a stop. 

Despite being a 2015 model, this particular 918 Spyder has just 865 miles on it!  Yes, 865 miles.  And only one previous owner.  A collector’s dream come true.  Provided you have $2-plus million pocket change…  As you can see DRT did not disappoint – from incredible super cars, to vintage collections, and customized beauties, there was something for everyone. As always, the Foreign Affairs Motorsport team were a great attraction with all the above-mentioned vehicles on display as vehicles customized and maintained in our workshop. Make sure we see you at DRT next year, but until then let’s leave you with a small reminder of this year’s event!

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