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1986 Porsche 911 Outlaw

Porsche 911 Outlaw

Outlaws are legendary, distinct, and extremely unique. There are no set specifications that make a car an Outlaw but subtle, yet distinctive modifications and customizations qualify the ‘Outlaw’ title. From engine mods, to interior customizations, each Outlaw is its own classic design, sporting a modern touch.

This 1986 Porsche 911 Outlaw is an example of a car that has really taken on some great customizations and mods – including details such as fiberglass fenders, heat dissipation, Brembo brakes, Hoosier tires, as well as some great interior customizations. With a little imagination, and guidance from our vehicle performance and styling experts, your car can also benefit from some quality customizations.

Interior Customization

The ’86 Outlaw sports seats that had more support and increased side bolstering. The decision to go with sport bucket seats from a Porsche GT2 997 was a personal preference for its owner, Alex. Upgrading your seats like these in your vehicle is a good option if you want the same result – the Porsche GT2 models sport some of the world’s best seats when it comes to support and bolstering. The GT2’s sport bucket seats are covered in high quality leather with a carbon fiber exterior shell. This means that they can save you some serious weight while still remaining rigid as well as being comfortable. A key design feature is that the pivot points on these bucket seats are integrated into the side supports around the upper hip area. This really helps to keep you feeling centered and stable in the seat. Another way that you can customize your interior is by getting carbon lining installed. This takes us back to the ’86 Outlaw where Alex opted for carbon lining on his doors and his dash. You can also get carbon trim on your steering wheel, and even on your center console. When carbon lining is installed distinctly in the right areas, it can really add class to your interior.

Engine Mods

Mods essentially help to increase horsepower and performance. The ’86 Outlaw boasts a special coating on the engine to help dissipate heat. An engine coating modification like this can help your engine to run at its optimal temperature by spreading out the heat evenly. Ceramic-bonded, thermal conductive coatings help to transfer heat away from the engine which increases its longevity. These coatings look really good and are definitely worth considering. If showcasing your engine as more of a feature in your vehicle is something you like the sound of, you can also have your engine tray removed, like we did for the ’86 Outlaw – this reveal more of your car’s engine and puts it on display.

A performance exhaust system is also a great addition to consider. We opted for a straight stinger exhaust with the ’86 Outlaw because they are lighter than traditional exhausts and allow for better horsepower to be produced. Their particular shape helps to improve both lower end and mid-range torque. There are many other performance exhaust kits to consider, and is just one great modification among other Porsche Styling Options.

Tires And Brakes Mods

Our featured 86′ Outlaw sports Hoosier R7’s. Built for road racing, these tires are highly responsive and offer high levels of grip. They also have extended wear due to their traction ability. Plus, there is the satisfaction that great tires add some serious road cred to your car.

In addition to the Hoosier’s, we fitted the ’86 Outlaw with Brembo brakes. Brembo brake kits are legendary and have a proven track record in providing safety and comfort. Not only do they have some of the best braking performance in the world, but they are also incredibly light. Brembo ceramic carbon brake discs weigh around half of what traditional brakes weigh. Brembo aluminum brake calipers guarantee the best weight to stiffness ratio. The braking distribution across the two axles is also more balanced and consistent, allowing for a reliable braking performance on your Porsche. Whether you go for the Brembo originals, the Brembo Xtras, the Brembo Max or the Brembo Sport, each of these are engineered slightly differently for optimal performance.

Exterior Customizations             

In the video you will have noticed that Alex decided to get fiberglass bumpers installed on his ’86 Outlaw. A custom bumper will immediately make your car stand out. Fiberglass body kits offer a weight advantage as they are lightweight and will help the performance if your car. They’re also anti-corrosive in nature. These body kits are extremely customizable and it’s a definite way to help to turn your car into an Outlaw. Be careful about doing DIY Porsche modifications as these can really cause havoc with your car if not done correctly. Custom bumpers may require sensors and electronics which you don’t want to mess with. Make sure you get a professional performance facility to do these modifications for you. Carbon customizations can be a nice addition to your Porsches exterior. From your hood, to your fenders, or even your roof, why not consider carbon?

Which Porsche Customization or Mod Will You Choose?

Customizations and mods offer a world of options when it comes to giving your Porsche a unique look and feel. Remember that it’s about finding the right balance and not going overboard. We helped Alex to find this balance for his 1986 Porsche 911 Outlaw. Whether it’s the extra horsepower you’re after, the bespoke interior modifications, or the stylish exterior additions, all of these customizations will add to your Porsche’s appeal.

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