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Exhausts that Perform as Good as they Sound


Porsche Performance Parts to Make Your Vehicle Roar

One of the signature attractions of the Porsche brand for sports car enthusiasts is it’s sound: the low roar coming from its exhaust. Porsche performance parts will not only change the way your car feels and drives, but can also improve its gas efficiency and will even reduce drag. A performance part which can have a huge impact on the character of your car is a new exhaust system, but Porsche owners must choose wisely. Not only can the wrong exhaust system decrease the performance of your Porsche, they can also reduce the pleasure of driving your car. On the one side of the scale you can purchase an exhaust system which is loud and rumbling, or a system which quietens the engine down to a raspy purr. Loud, droning exhaust systems have been known to cause headaches for drivers who are using the vehicle for an extended time period. These exhaust systems can also make listening to music or the radio difficult, and holding a conversation during a drive unpleasant. Every Porsche owner can choose a performance system which suits their personality, but some exhaust systems may be better value for money than others.

The Porsche Sports Exhaust (PSE)
When most Porsche owners decide to improve their vehicle’s exhaust system they generally look toward the Porsche-manufactured systems, as they guarantee quality. This is definitely the case, and the Porsche Sports Exhaust is a high-quality, high performance exhaust upgrade. Not only does the PSE look amazing – beautiful chrome-plated duel-twin tailpipes – but it creates a more resonant, deeper sound for the vehicle. The PSE improves the performance of your vehicle so that it can reach higher speeds with better fuel consumption. The PSE also acts as a muffler to quieten the traditionally loud drone of the Porsche engine. Many Porsche owners purchase their vehicles with the PSE system already installed.

The Velocity AP exhaust system
Some sports car owners prefer their Porsche to have a strong presence on the road: a loud rumbling exhaust which sounds like a force to be reckoned with. Others like their vehicle to feel light and zippy, with a tight raspy exhaust with serious speed. The Velocity AP Exhaust for the Porsche 996 is a high performance system which can turn a heavy drone into a much lighter, more pleasant hum. If your Porsche is on the louder side and you struggle to hear your radio or other passengers, then the Velocity AP Exhaust can really improve your driving experience.

Max-Flo Exhaust
On the other end of the spectrum to the pleasantly quiet Velocity AP is the loud and powerful Max-Flo Exhaust. If you enjoy unleashing all of the power and noise your Porsche engine has then this is the exhaust system for you. The Max-Flo exhaust is a light system which can actually reduce the weight of your Porsche by up to 25 lbs. The exhaust system will also increase the power of your vehicles engine by about 40 hp, and so is a must own for speed or racing enthusiasts. The Max-Flo’s main selling point, however, is the incredibly powerful sound it creates; a low drone which the driver can feel rumbling in their seats. The system is inconspicuous and is fitted snugly out of sight behind the bumper of the Porsche.

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