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Why You Should Give Your Boxster a Boost

Porsche performance parts

Are Your Porsche Performance Parts Due for a Boost?

The Porsche Boxster is an older model with performance parts that are optimum for modification. As one of the most affordable Porsches, there is plenty of potential modifications to heighten the power and performance of your Boxster. With a sturdy build, the Boxster’s performance parts can easily be modified to improve the car’s performance capability, and perhaps express a little bit of your individuality as well.

Porsche Boxster
The Porsche Boxster has models extending as far back as 1997. The First generation model (1997-2004) and has been reviewed as one of the most affordable Porsches to have been produced. The two-seater roadster is a mid-engine sports car with a water-cooled flat-six engine. Whilst it is still commonly used today, and has moved on to a second generation of design.

The Boxster has since been developed to the Boxster S in 2006 which carries a bigger engine and higher horse power.

Cars are modified for a number of reasons. With the understanding that modifications need to consider the safety and road handling of the car, there is a lot of room for stylistic and performance based modifications.

Some examples of the most common modifications include:

  • In car entertainment e.g. TV screen
  • Lights or reflectors
  • Wheels and tires
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust system

Regarding performance modifications in models, consider the latest generation Porsche Boxster. Although the external changes have been subtle between the Boxster and the 987, the move from a six-cylinder engine to a four has boosted the performance and efficiency of the new model. At the same time as some of the character has left the first generation Boxster, 20 years down the line and the driving performance is significantly sharper.

Whilst this is a model modification and development on behalf of Porsche, there are a number of smaller modifications that can be done to individual models.

Precautions for Your Boxster Modifications

  • Understand how the factory parts work
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish
  • Do your modifications through a skilled professional
  • Consider legal restrictions and the impact they may have on your modifications

There are a few areas of modification that are commonly used:

  • High-Performance Suspensions
    Lowered springs are a popular customized trick that gives the Porsche that “sports car” feeling. Coil overs are struts similar to the standard Boxster struts, and allow for an easy adjustment of ride height.
  • Exhaust
    Exhaust modifications are a compromise as designers try to reduce the back-pressure whilst maintaining a low noise emission. High-performance mufflers can replace the standard Boxster mufflers to allow for a little extra power out of the Boxster’s engine. The external appearance of the exhaust is close to identical.
  • Engine
    You need to have both caution and a hefty financial allowance for engine modifications to your Boxster, as well as an informed knowledge of legal restrictions. Computer chips control the fuel injection and ignition timing of the Boxster’s engine. The 911 (996) engine swap is a fairly easy conversion as both the Boxster and the 996 engines have the same basic block. The engine displacement increases from 2.5 to 3.4 liters, and the power from 201 to 296 horsepower. Because of the routing of the 996 engine, an additional modification needs to be done to the Boxster’s transaxle to allow for reverse rotation.

Built to handle more power, the Porsche Boxster’s parts are prime for modification, and will allow you to feel the difference in performance.

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