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Porsche Performance Tuning Without Touching The Engine

Porsche performance tuning

Each Porsche is the product of hours of research, development, redesign and rigorous testing. It’s no wonder that they make such great cars. If you believe that they have already optimized the performance of their motors to the highest possible standards, you wouldn’t be alone. Yet you still want that little bit extra. This Porsche performance tuning guide will give you some ideas.

Exhaust System

Porsche has optimized the stock exhaust to meet noise pollution, environmental, and efficiency standards. This is all at the trade-off of performance. By installing a new or semi reworked exhaust system you can achieve a performance increase of up to 10% depending on your vehicle. New systems can include high flow rate catalytic converters, shorter tailpipes, and fewer silencers as well as larger diameter pipes. This range of options and more can be professionally installed by the experienced technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsports.

Computer System

A new exhaust system needs to be tailored to the motor by the onboard computer system. This is because the increased airflow rate needs to be calibrated into the ignition timing and fuel injection control system. If it is not, optimal performance will not be reached. The stock computer system can be modified by installation of a new chip that allows for greater manual calibration. Our test and calibration rigs at Foreign Affairs Motorsports will be able to tune and optimize your computer for performance. We also fit a range of chips and systems depending on your use profile of the vehicle.

Custom Air Intakes

The performance of any internal combustion engine relies on the flow of air through the motor. The colder the air coming into the motor, the denser it is and the better the performance. Custom air intakes re-route the path of the incoming air to optimize its flow rate and can have a marked effect on performance. Consider fitting one of these, especially if you drive an older Porsche.

Wheels and Suspension

Fitting performance wheels and upgrading the suspension not only improve the handling in tight spots, but can also reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Weight is a crucial factor to performance, the less of it the vehicle has to move around, the faster it can do it. The new alloys used in performance suspension components and wheels are often lighter and more durable than the stock and so improve the physical performance. There are many different systems available from several manufacturers when it comes to suspension and steering tuning. Consulting an expert from Foreign Affairs Motorsports is a good idea if you are unsure what system would work best for your Porsche.


Where performance is concerned, less is more here. Although all of our styling kits are made from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, the fewer additional pieces of body kit, the less weight and so better performance. We can also remove some of the less essential interior components so save weight.

There are many ways to improve the performance of your Porsche without touching the engine. Can’t wait to get started? Come visit us today at Foreign Affairs Motorsports; our friendly technicians will fulfill your requests while making sure that your vehicle is kept at optimum levels of performance and safety.

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