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Numeric Racing Parts and Other Smart Porsche Upgrades

numeric racing parts

Transform Your Porsche with Numeric Racing Parts

Whether it’s a competition shifter from the Numeric Racing parts basket or a racing exhaust from FVD Brombacher, your options for upgrading your beloved Porsche are limitless.

Why upgrade a thing of such perfection, you may ask? Well, as brilliantly engineered as every Porsche is, fitting just one or two high-quality parts can see you emerge with a bespoke machine that looks, feels, and goes that much harder than the model you can drive off the showroom floor.

We take a look at some great options for upgrading your Porsche, and the specific Porsche model for which the upgrade is ideally suited.

Competition Shifter (Numeric Racing) – Porsche 986/987, 996/997
Used by the majority of Porsche racing teams in the USA, this multi-adjustable racing shifter has a super short throw and is constructed from materials like aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, together providing maximum accuracy and precision. With a 40% reduction in throw, precision ball bearings, an adjustable shift lever, and adjustable cable blocks, this shifter significantly improves shift timing and lowers driver error, especially under fast, demanding conditions.

Looking for More Power? – All Models
If you own an older Porsche and are not too fussy about keeping it entirely original, there are many ways to extract more power from your car. Many of the turbo engines are solid and – especially post-2000 models – can be remapped, which can release around 30% more power. That’s the easier solution. A more dramatic upgrade could see you opting for an engine swap. As drastic as this may sound, because Porsche has maintained a consistent engine position and mount for many years, it is entirely possible. Of course, a big hike in power means you’ll need to swap out the gearbox as well. Sports camshafts, air intake modification, or stroker kits are other methods that can release just enough power to make a tangible difference.

Sturdier Suspension – Porsche 993
With this one, we’re going back a good couple of years. The much-loved 993 was the last of the air-cooled Porsches and the last of the hand-built models. For these and other reasons, they are often the most desired of all 911 models. Suspension-wise, the 993 benefitted from all alloy multi-link rear suspension. While a big improvement over its predecessors, these suspensions are known to age rapidly, with the standard coilovers being known to last for only around 40k miles. There’s your first upgrade. Visually, US ride height parameters meant that our 993’s originally sat much higher than their rest of world cousins. Updated springs and dampers can revitalize the 993 and a lowered stance will make for a much more aggressive look.

Sports Exhaust System (FVD Brombacher) – Porsche 911, 991
Enhanced acoustics, lower weight, and a boost in horsepower are some of the advantages you’ll experience by fitting your 991 Porsche with a FVD exhaust system. As an example of this aftermarket manufacturer’s industry-leading prowess, this latest system features a double-plated flange on the headers. The result? Both heat and vibration are more easily dissipated. With an X-pipe design to the muffler section, drone is eliminated and mid-range torque sees an increase. Still not convinced? This might change your mind.

While an original Porsche has its own charms, a few calculated upgrades such as the ones we’ve mentioned can leave you with a machine that’s more alert, focused, and capable on the road or around the track. If you’ve already upgraded your Porsche and would like to share your experiences, we’d love to hear all about it on our Facebook page.

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