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Best Mods for the Porsche 911

Porsche performance products

5 Porsche Performance Products to Boost 911 Dynamics

Continuous fettling of the iconic Porsche 911’s basic architecture makes it a ripe candidate for delving into a selection of tasty Porsche performance products.

Why is this so? Well, with a chassis that can already handle loads of power in standard form, there is much room for experimentation when it comes to giving your 911 a bit more poke, and this even applies to older models. Robust mechanicals made for hard driving also means that the 911 is better suited than most to handle performance-enhancing products.

So, if you love your 911 but would like to extract just a bit more from your pride and joy, then take note of these modification ideas.

Motorsport Oil Pan by FVD Motorsport
An issue on 996 and 997 models has been scavenging and aeration within the oil pan, especially when these models are used on a track and exposed to severe G-forces. The FVD Motorsport Oil Pan is deeper, increasing oil capacity by a significant 0.6 liters. This assists in preventing oil starvation and helps with oil cooling, ultimately giving you access to better engine performance.

Solid Engine Mounts Set
Also ideal for various 996 and 997 models are solid engine mounts, as opposed to the standard soft rubber versions. Sharpened throttle response and a chassis that is more reactive are some of the benefits. If refinement isn’t a major priority for you, you’ll also appreciate a rowdier engine sound. Find out which other specific Porsche 911 models these solid engine mounts are suited for here.

Give Me a Brake
If you’re going faster, you’ll need to stop faster too. An upgrade to your 911’s braking system will complement any power hike by giving you reduced brake fade, reduced stopping distance, improved heat dissipation, and more even pad wear. The Brembo GT 380mm Front Brake System is a suitable replacement if you’re using expensive ceramic brakes on the track or if you’re using smaller steel rotors. The Brembo system lowers the unsprung mass by 15 pounds if your 911 has steel brakes. For added peace of mind, these Brembo’s are designed to integrate seamlessly with your 911’s standard ABS and traction control systems.

Maxflo Performance Exhaust System by Fabspeed
Give your Porsche 993 Carrera an aggressive, sporty sound and increased performance with the Maxflo system. You’ll save 15 pounds of weight over the standard system, while increased airflow will see a slight boost in performance. Installation is simple, while the polished finish will give your 993’s derrière some extra visual flair. See (and hear) the system in action on Fabspeed’s YouTube page. That sound is intoxicating!

964 Carrera Performance Package by Fabspeed
If you’re willing to spend a bit more on your Porsche upgrades, then getting a complete package – instead of one or two individual bits – will of course see significant gains in overall performance. If you can acquire such a package from a single aftermarket manufacturer, then the parts will be designed to work together for the best results. As an example, the 964 Carrera Performance Package from Fabspeed features a Dual Outlet Muffler, a High Performance Airbox, a DME chip, and a high performance Cat. You’ll feel intensely improved throttle response and heightened power throughout the rev range, breathing new life into your Porsche 964.

These are just a few of the myriad performance parts that can see you revitalize your Porsche 911, without compromising the inherent dynamic qualities of your car.

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