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Quick and Effective Audi Customization Tips

Audi customization

Let’s face it, Audis (with the noted exception of the RS) are classically understated when it comes to aesthetics. They are the ultimate sleeper vehicle, quiet class and refinement until the flag goes up. If you own one of these, it’s quite normal for your inner car enthusiast to start thinking of ways to make it look and feel a little less like a serious German business man, and a little more like the performance machine buried under the understated façade. If any marque could ask for customization, it would be Audi.

Audi Customization Categories

We always separate customization into three broad categories:

  • Interior and Styling

    This can range from anything as simple as the humble trunk spoiler to the more intensive full body kits, custom spray work and different wheels. Subtle modifications like LED downlighting, custom trim and wheel valve caps add that attention to detail that will make your opponent drool. It’s always a good idea to seek extensive advice before you impulsively go for that uhm, gold color that looked so awesome on YouTube. Our team at Foreign Affairs Motorsports have years of experience in what works, and what doesn’t. By far the easiest and most effective Audi customization in this category is to simply change out the wheels, particularly if you have an older model.

    Over time your vehicle’s mags get scuffed, corroded and stained with break dust. Not only do they no longer look great – they are also probably a little out of round, which can be difficult to correct, even by the most experienced wheel balancer. It’s often cheaper to invest in a new set, which will not only make your car look great, but improve performance, handling, and even gas mileage. This kind of mod can go two ways – either it works really well, or if badly done, you get the inverse. So be sure to do your homework before taking the plunge.

  • Performance

    There are many things that you can do if putting the pedal down no longer gives you that surge of adrenaline. You can completely rebuild the engine with custom internals, install beefier mounts, turbochargers and change the computer mapping system. By far the easiest, and most cost-effective change lies with the exhaust. At Foreign Affairs Motorsports, we are official suppliers of aftermarket systems by Cobb and Akrapovic and can modify your exhaust system in two ways. Firstly, there are the cat back systems which go from the catalytic converter back to the tail pipes, and generally improve exhaust note, flow and performance without affecting the standard computer mapping overly. The more advanced systems go from the head back, and include custom manifolds, boxes and tailpipes. These are tuned for maximum performance and will change the way the computer maps the engine, having a much bigger effect. Whichever system is best suited to your needs, we are qualified to fit.

  • Handling and Braking

    The stock Audi handling is fine so long as you have not changed its performance. We always recommend upgrading the handling and braking before changing performance as doing it the other way around could cause a serious safety risk. Suspension upgrades can include anything from revised springs and shock absorbers to new bushings, stronger control rods and joints. In the braking line, customizations range from new rotors to caliper upgrades and custom pads. The easiest and most effective upgrade here (if you haven’t changed the performance) is to have the rotors skimmed and install performance brake pads. This will ensure that your ride stops when and where you want it to.

As you can see, there are many different customizations that you can perform to bring your Audi back to the track, but your own expressiveness lies in the combination of modifications to suit your dream. Why not visit us for an Audi service at Foreign Affairs Motorsports, where our ASE certified team can prove to you that the sky (not the redline or even the bottom line) is the limit!

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