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Smart, Simple, and Stylish Porsche Customization Tips

Porsche customization

Not all motoring enthusiasts are built the same. While we all want to be driving the best possible version of our cars, some guys opt for all-out mods that scream their intentions, while others (most likely you, if you’re reading this article), prefer an understated approach. If you’re looking for Porsche customization options that will better your sports car’s appeal without sending bystanders into a flurry and grandmothers shaking their heads disapprovingly, these ideas could be for you.

Porsche Boxster / Cayman / 911 Clear LED Side Markers

The Europeans aren’t right about everything, but when it comes to clear-lensed side markers (and not the orange items some of our Porsche’s are shipped with), they’ve got a good point. This simplest of upgrades makes an instant change to your Porsche’s appearance, as orange is simply too old-school and distracting. Clear lenses also allow your car’s body color to stand out more effectively. For an even more dramatic look, consider a 991 Clear Tail Light Kit, which is especially striking on 911’s painted in white, black or grey.

MAcarbon Interior Accessories

Few materials convey a racier feel than carbon fiber. They offer high strength, low weight, and low thermal expansion, making them popular in aerospace, military, and of course motorsports. More than this, carbon as a trim item in your Porsche just looks great. MAcarbon offers some of the highest quality carbon fittings in the industry, and for Porsche, these include the following:

  • Center console area
  • Dash and roof trim
  • Door and seat trim
  • Exterior mirror housings, vents and spoilers

For example, their carbon gearshift knob for PDK-equipped Porsches improves on the stock design by covering a larger area in the material. MAcarbon also offers several trim options for your car’s exterior, including carbon wing mirror housings, gas door, and the turbo side inlet vent cover. MAcarbon products are made using the company’s own facilities, ensuring the best quality and longevity for these parts.

Sport Exhaust Tips

The sportier you go up the rung in the line-ups of Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Audi’s ranges, the more you’ll notice chrome bits replaced with black. You’ll see it on the Porsche GT3, various Mercedes AMG models, and BMW’s M Competition Pack models. Which brings us to another simple but effective mod; namely, sport exhaust tips in black. These will go particularly well with one or two of the carbon accessories covered above for a clean, smart look to your Porsche.

Porsche Front Trunk Liner

How’s a little dose of practicality thrown in with one of your mods? The tough black polymer Porsche trunk liner is waterproof, protecting your luggage area from damage and dirt. The convenient handles also make it easier to carry and remove heavier items from your car. You want subtle? It doesn’t get much more so than that!

Blackmill Anti-Wind Buffeting Kit

Available from Fabspeed, this kit allows for more comfortable top-down cruising on those warm Florida days by reducing wind buffeting. Finished in black, they are extremely easy to install and are available for all 991 and 981 model Porsches.

As you can see, modifying your car doesn’t have to conjure up images of asphalt-scraping metal or outrageously flared fenders. The spectrum of performance tuning is wide and has something for everyone. If you’re unsure about what would work best for you, feel free to pop in at our workshop for a chat with one of our knowledgeable technicians.

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