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Take your sports car’s performance to the next level with Akrapovič for Porsche

Akrapovič for Porsche 991 GT3/RS

Owning and maintaining a Porsche 991 GT3/RS can be a fun hobby for some, but for most, it is a way of life. As the seventh generation Porsche 911, the 991 has a slightly larger wheelbase and a new transaxle that improves weight balance and cornering performance. Driving a 991 is more than just getting from point A to point B, it’s the experience of a lifetime. That is why performance parts from Akrapovič for Porsche are a must have for your 991. And, as a Akrapovič dealer, Foreign Affairs Motorsport are equipped to order and install your new titanium exhaust system to get you back on the road with unrivaled performance.

Akrapovič has a reputation for being a pioneer in the materials technology field. With their design, an exhaust can bring you better performance and a distinctive reverberating sound that will set you apart from all other performers. The founder, Igor, is a champion motorcycle racer with a 10 year winning streak. With this experience, he felt that current exhausts were lacking in power and sound so he decided to develop a better system. Akrapovič has an established history in the motorsports aftermarket, originally manufacturing exhaust systems for racing bikes. In 2004, Akrapovič expanded its product line for a Formula 1 race car and didn’t stop there. They now include high performance exhaust modifications for Porsche vehicles and is currently a supplier to the Porsche Sport Cup. Since then, they have received the Best Exhaust Pipe Manufacturer Award from the German Motorrad magazine and the Best Brand award since 2011. In 2008, a Porsche 997, sporting an Akrapovič system won the 24-hr ADAC race at Nurburing. This was simply the beginning of a winning legacy that extends into the present.

The Akrapovič system is constructed from a high grade titanium alloy that will reduce curb weight and improve overall handling, resulting in superior performance both on and off the track. All titanium components are created in house at the company’s foundry and hydroforming process lines. Each part that is designed and casted goes through rigorous testing to insure quality and satisfaction. From the design to the sound, everything is made to improve your ride. Following their successful Porsche 997 GT3 performance exhaust systems, four all-new systems have been added for the Porsche 991 GT3 and GT3 RS. The Akrapovič for Porsche GT3/RS include:

  • Slip-On Line
  • Sports Cup Line
  • Evolution Race Line
  • Evolution Line

Each system builds on the next as to accommodate what performance level you are ready for. Foreign Affairs Motorsport will work with you to make sure you get the appropriate parts for what goal you have in mind.

The first of the four systems, the Slip-On Line is the first step in Akrapovič for Porsche exhaust tuning, and may simply be mounted onto your original system. The hi-grade titanium system provides your car with more power and less weight. The double round tailpipes ensure that you can hear that distinctive Porsche rumble while still meeting ECE specifications. After installation, you’ll gain of 6.1 HP and 3.6 FT-LBS over stock, with the additional benefit of shedding 2.4 pounds.Akrapovič for Porsche 991 GT3/RS

The second system, the Sports Cup Line, integrates with your current exhaust manifold seamlessly. With a titanium muffler and fitting link pipes, this system is primarily for use on the race track. The Sports Cup Line adds 19.3 HP to the power curve and a very useable 28.8 FT-LBS of torque in the mid RPM range that will stir a range of emotions when exiting curves or blasting the straights. This system will also net you a 46.3 LB weight savings behind the engine and the rear axle, which allows better handling.Akrapovič for Porsche 991 GT3/RS

The Evolution Race Line, as the name implies, represents a paradigm shift in performance exhaust systems, pushing the boundaries between power and weight savings. Titanium headers, coupled with 100 cpsi sports catalytic convertors and titanium flanges make this exhaust tough to beat. The 27.1 HP increase is impossible to miss when you hear the deep note resonating from the rounded titanium tailpipes. By shaving 49 LBS from the stock exhaust system and adding 37.3 FT-LBS of torque, you’ll experience better handling and faster acceleration.Akrapovič for Porsche 991 GT3/RS

The fourth system is the Evolution Line. This system includes all the advantages of the other performance lines with the additional benefit of choosing your performance level on the fly. The Evolution system incorporates an exhaust valve that selectively diverts the exhaust flow through a set of mufflers to give your ride mild street manners and sound around town. Opening the valves, however, bypasses the mufflers enhancing both performance and exhaust note, increasing power and torque by 13.6 HP and 20.1 FT-LBS respectively. You can have the best of both worlds with this set up.Akrapovič for Porsche 991 GT3/RS

Once you have the muffler of your choice installed on your Porsche 991, put the finishing touches on with a rear carbon fiber diffuser. Any of the high-performance exhaust options by Akrapovič will be greatly enhanced with the addition of their diffuser, giving your Porsche a clean, mean appearance, even when standing still. Keep in mind, this rear carbon fiber diffuser will not fit on the Porsche 991 GT3 RS models, only the GT3.Akrapovič for Porsche 991 GT3/RS

Decided what to add onto your Porsche 991 GT3/RS can be a difficult decision and that’s where Foreign Affairs Motorsport comes in. We have over 35 years in the German auto repair, performance and racing business and will be able to help you with whatever questions you may have about the Akrapovič for Porsche exhaust systems. Once you decide what system you are ready for, you go ahead and order the part. No need for you to get caught up in shipping details. We’ll call you when the part is in, attach the new part to your car, and have you back on the road enjoying your purchase for years to come. Give us a call and see why customers prefer us over the dealerships.

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