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The Importance Of Maserati Maintenance

Maserati Maintenance

Maserati has all the character of a Latin celebrity. They can be fiery beasts one instant and as mild as milk the next. Thoroughly entertaining vehicles to own and drive, with innovative engineering quirks and gorgeous body styling. However, true to their Italian roots, they can be tempestuous and temperamental. That is why proper Maserati maintenance is crucial.

We’ve said it a thousand times; when it comes to any performance vehicle, from the precise and (dare we say) almost practical Porsche to the luscious flowing Ferrari and Maserati regular maintenance is key. Underneath the skin, all performance vehicles are similar to any regular auto; they all burn gas. Founded way back in 1926, Maserati is a little different from the more popular marques we often discuss, choosing to appeal to a niche market; similar to McLaren and Aston Martin. Like Porsche, its history wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine.

In the 1960’s it was taken over by Citroen, who proceeded to go bankrupt during the fuel and economic crisis of the 1970’s. Rescued from the brink of demise by the Italian government and an Argentine racing legend, Alejandro de Tomaso, Maserati was restored to its former production glory. Some interesting mergers with Chrysler, Fiat and Ferrari have instilled the character into the unique brand it is today.

Maserati Maintenance Steps

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we’ve taken our experience of common problems with Maserati in general and combined them into three preventative Maserati maintenance steps you can take to protect your Italian super-car.

1. Regular Oil Changes

Maserati have always found the appeal of the V8 motor irresistible, which we understand perfectly. V8’s are naturally well balanced, smooth machines and the Italian car company has been manufacturing them since, well, basically since they started producing autos. In basic principle, the V8 hasn’t changed much, but added refinements like variable valve timing, dual overhead camshafts and advanced computer management systems often push the boundaries of conventional engineering tolerances.

That is why it is best to run a high-spec, quality oil and change it regularly. Although Maserati have a two-year, 25,000-mile service interval, we recommend changing the oil at least once a year.

2. Maintain Your Battery

We will test and, if necessary, charge your battery during a Premium Service Plus at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. And, while we are lucky to have great weather all year round in South Florida, some owners only use their performance car for a couple of months each year. Maserati have known problems with their electrical systems, and like any modern car are highly computerized. That is why keeping the battery fully charged is essential to your Maserati’s maintenance scheme.

3. Transmission and Differential Inspection

Maserati vehicles (like the Ghibli) are rear wheel drive, and there have been reports of drivetrain problems. Most of these are easily prevented by a drive train inspection and transmission fluid change. Gearboxes are complicated systems, and, in this case, it’s much more economical to replace the fluid then face a potential transmission rebuild down the line.

Specialized Maserati Maintenance In Pompano Beach

By now you should realize that Maserati; like any other performance vehicle is not without its faults. If you are considering buying one second hand, we strongly suggest you look at getting an extended warranty or service plan. If your Maserati decides to throw a tantrum, our cutting-edge shop and ASE certified team are more than capable of pacifying it. Call Foreign Affairs Motorwerks today at 954-746-0488 to schedule your next Maserati service.

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