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What Is Included In A Transmission Rebuild?

transmission rebuilds

Transmissions are the never seen, never heard components of your vehicle. Or they should be. They require due maintenance and servicing but otherwise should keep out of your way. If they fail, a transmission rebuild is necessary. There are many different types of transmission, so if you don’t know which is in your vehicle, now is a good time to find out.

As they are complex systems, a transmission repair can be quite costly. Take into account the resale value of the vehicle before you consider one. If your auto has sentimental value or you really enjoy its performance; getting a good transmission rebuild is well worth your money. This guide aims to take a look at what all a transmission repair entails. (It’s as easy as 1-2-3.)

1.   Strip Transmission

Before the actual cost of the rebuild can be calculated, the transmission needs to be removed from the vehicle. This is more difficult than it sounds since the engine usually has to be removed to get access to the transmission system. Removing an engine is an intricate process, and if your shop doesn’t have the right equipment, delicate components can easily be damaged. Make sure that you trust your shop before allowing them to rebuild the transmission. This is also a very good time to inspect the engine for overall problems like main seal oil leaks.

2.   Assess and Repair Transmission

Once the transmission has been removed, it needs to be assessed. Sometimes this work is carried out in-house, or in the case of specialized transmissions, they will be sent away to be rebuilt. At the service center, the transmission is split in half. All the gears, torque converter, and shaft are removed and carefully measured. Those that aren’t within the manufacturer’s specifications are replaced. Those that get thoroughly cleaned. Bearings and bushings are replaced and the whole unit is reassembled. Specialized service centers will fit the transmission to a test jig and make sure that it is performing within spec.

3.   Refit Transmissions

Once the rebuild has been completed, the transmission needs to be refitted to the vehicle. First, the driveshafts are refitted, then it is ‘offered up’ to the vehicle and bolted to the sub-frame. Once this is one, the engine is reinstalled and all the ancillary electrical, cable, and hydraulic connections are made. Finally, new oil and filters are fitted to the rebuilt transmission. The vehicle will then be road tested. During the road test, any unusual noise, vibrations, or problems shifting are repaired.

Once you get your vehicle back after a rebuild, there is a running-in period. Just like a new engine, the replaced components within the gear case need to wear in. Initially, they will produce a lot of small metal filings as they wear which end up in the gear oil. We always recommend that you come in to have your transmission fluid changed after your first 1000 miles on your new transmission.

By now you should have a good idea of what a transmission rebuild means. Prevention is always better than cure, so regular servicing of your transmission will save you a costly rebuild.

Often problems that you may think come from your transmission are related to other problems like wheel balancing or engine mountings.

If you feel you have a transmission problem, why not pop into our Pompano Beach auto repair shop for some advice?

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