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Pros And Cons Of An Engine Rebuild

Engine Rebuild

An engine rebuild is a costly repair and careful thought is necessary before deciding to do it. Bear in mind that it is often cheaper to replace the engine outright than have it rebuilt. If you love your car – or it is a vintage ‘matching numbers’ model and you want to keep the originality – then a rebuild is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the process.


· Gas Mileage

Rebuilding the engine means it will run very efficiently again and return close to new gas mileage figures. This is great in today’s fuel-constrained environment.

· Engine Lifespan

A rebuilt engine – if done properly is like new. This means it will be good for another 100k miles at least.

· Power and Performance

As we have already discussed, labor is sunk during a rebuild. This allows for great scope to improve engine performance by fitting aftermarket parts that would otherwise incur large labor costs. For example; you can increase the stroke. Or fit custom pistons and install a performance valve train and camshaft. These are just a few performance ideas.


· Cost

Rebuilds are expensive. If you have a quotation on a rebuild that is suspiciously cheap, beware. Rebuilds have a Jekyll and Hyde nature to them so if they aren’t done properly, they will cause unending grief. The best way to mitigate the cost factor of a rebuild is not to do one at all… Just kidding. If you have one done properly, there will be zero comebacks. Request an all-inclusive quote and if your shop recommends replacing components, take their advice seriously. Remember the labor cost is sunk, therefore to replace certain parts (such as an oil pump) is significantly cheaper than if you were to have it done at a later stage.

· Rest Of Vehicle Unchanged

Remember, rebuilding an engine affects only, um, the engine. The rest of the vehicle remains the same. This is especially important when it comes to high mileage vehicles. If you have kept up to date with other maintenance, like transmission services and AC repairs then rebuilding the engine is a good idea; the rest of the vehicle is strong. If you are concerned about other components in the vehicle, it is probably best not to rebuild.

· Time

To do a rebuild properly takes time. If we can give you a piece of advice from our 30 years of experience. Never. Rush. A. Mechanic. So, if your pride and joy is also your daily driver, you will need to make a plan to be without wheels for at least two weeks. If you are also doing performance modifications, this could stretch up to a month and more.

This is a glimpse of what an engine rebuild entails. Remember it varies according to vehicle manufacturer – some are easier than others.

We think you should view an engine rebuild as a blank canvass that you can use to your advantage for expressing your take on your vehicle.

It is always better to consult the experts before beginning a rebuild, which is what our friendly Pompano Beach team is there for.

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