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Are Transmission Rebuilds Worth It?

transmission rebuilds

It’s early morning and you’re off to work in your pride and joy. You hop in, start her up, get the AC and your favorite tunes blasting. Just as soon you take your foot off the brake there is a whining noise and a distinct failure to chooch. Yep, you’re taking an Uber to work this morning. Later, over at your favorite shop (Foreign Affairs Motorwerks) the technician gives you a sympathetic look and tells you your transmission is… in need of a rebuild.

Transmission rebuilds are usually a serious procedure that cost the mechanic many hours of work and the client several thousands of dollars. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we don’t believe in rushing into anything. As Winston Churchill once said; failure to plan often means that you plan to fail. Therefore, before we jump into this topic, you should have a good understanding of what a transmission system is. Additionally, you also want to know how a transmission works.

First and foremost, to tell if a transmission rebuild is really worth it, you need to ask yourself three easy questions. Ready to take the test?

How Do I Feel About The Car?

This is going to cost a lot of money, so you really need to check your personal investment in the vehicle. If this is a classic that you intend on keeping forever or that won’t lose resale value, or you are sentimentally attached to the vehicle (perhaps it was your old man’s) then there is no real need to answer the following two questions. Take the plunge and get the transmission rebuilt – just get it done by a reputable shop that is willing to offer a warranty.

However, if this is just a beater auto that you aren’t really attached to, it may be better to write it off and take the scrap value, moving onto better things.

Why Are Transmission Rebuilds Necessary?

So, you’re not quite sure how to feel about the car. The next question to ask is why did it fail?

Taking the inverse of this we get to the crux of the matter; will it fail again? Perhaps you did something stupid like towing it for a long distance without disengaging the transmission? Alternatively, you may have punished it on the track (you’ll be amazed how many owner’s performance tune their engines without a care for the transmission or suspension) and you are planning to upgrade the tranny during the rebuild. If this is true, then we’d say you’ve got a case to rebuild (no pun intended). However, if you did nothing other than detail your baby every Sunday, it’s time for the final question.

Known Transmission Problems With My Model?

Not all cars are like a 90’s Camry (we’re not sure if this is a good or a bad thing) and some do have known transmission problems. More specifically, certain models of Chevy, Audi and Nissan are quite famous for this. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we’ll usually tell you if yours is a problem child.

Some brands like Audi have released updates to the transmission that can be incorporated during the rebuild to ensure that the problem never happens again. In this case, a rebuild may still be worthwhile. However, if there have been no significant technical notes, and the model has a history of transmission failure, we’d be hesitant to advise a rebuild. The old adage is true; don’t go throwing good money after bad.

Transmission Rebuilds & Full-Service Auto Repair In Pompano Beach

Some of you lucky folks may have extended warranties or motor plans. Now we aren’t lawyers at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, but we suggest you carefully read the fine print (they should include free magnifying glasses with them contracts) to see if your transmission is covered. If it is, you’re smiling all the way to the bank, as the rebuild will be as simple as putting in your claim and paying the excess. Another thing to take note of is that if your vehicle is still under warranty, this usually also covers the transmission. There can be cases where ‘wear and tear’ will prevent a manufacturer from paying up, but it is worth a shot.

If you’re looking at a possible transmission rebuild or any other auto repair work, call 954-746-0488 to speak with one of our expert ASE certified technicians. Since 1978 Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has been South Florida’s premier choice in auto repair and maintenance

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