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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy That German Classic

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance: Don’t Buy into The Dream

If there’s one thing that most little boys dreamed of, it would be to own classic cars. If you’re looking for a specific classic German vehicle to add to your collection, you may want to rethink that decision. Preventative maintenance is no joke and in all likelihood is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t buy your dream car – at least not pre-owned and going for a steal.

While adding another car to your collection may bring your dream to life. However, it may be either the best or worst decision you’ve ever made. Choosing a pre-owned vehicle may not be your first choice but if you’re choosing a classic car, the chances that it has had an owner or two, is more than likely. When choosing a vehicle like this you need to be extremely thorough before you purchase it and even then, you may have missed something.

There are several ways to identify a pre-owned vehicle that has not been properly maintained:

Maintenance records

If the car has no maintenance records, walk away. The cost to fix any damage – big or small may break your bank. No matter how cost effective it may seem, in the long run it may cost more money to fix your car than the amount you paid for it.

Tire Check

Take note of the tires. Worn or mismatched tires are a red flag indicating the overall status of maintenance on the vehicle. However, don’t be fooled by a set of shiny new wheels either – ask the seller why the wheels are all brand new.

Bad Bodywork

The sleek and sexy lines of a classic car can generally only be marred by shoddy workmanship and cheap paint. Granted, accidents happen, but rust is your worst nightmare. Depending on the caliber of work done, you may want to give it a miss as the structure of the vehicle may not be in the best possible shape.

Repairs on Wear and Tear

Take note if certain parts seem newer than others. Why would you have a brand new shiny engine in a filthy engine bay? Doesn’t that seem a little odd? If the seller starts getting antsy about you asking about these small details, then you know it’s time for you to walk away.


It’s weird how temperature can make a difference, however, starting a cold car will generally indicate a lot of the internal problems. Be it mechanisms that rattle or clank when cold that will fade as the car heats up or even a car that struggles to start. The car should not be warmed up before you get there.

There are people who will take advantage of you. They may also make you feel guilty for asking questions about the car or for requesting proof that regular servicing was done to the car. These are the people you need to be more wary of. It’s better to walk away. At the end of the day you don’t want to be left with a vehicle you can’t use or afford to maintain. And remember – the specialists at Foreign Affairs Motorsport are always on hand to help you assess the viability of your potential new German classic investment. Just give us a call for more info.

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