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A BMW Technician’s Take on The New X5

BMW Technician's

BMW has just released the latest of it’s extremely popular X series – the X5. It is everything that we have come to expect of high end performance vehicles, featuring the usual driver assistance systems like park distance control and lane change assist. In addition to this it has some noticeable innovations that will baffle the uninitiated BMW technician:

Twin Axle Air Suspension

An option on the xOffroad package is a sophisticated air suspension system, raising the car by 80mm and coupled to the central computer to offer adaptive ride control depending on your selection and terrain. This system boosts the vehicle handling and comfort. This is an extremely complicated system involving pumps, expansion chambers and piping, and requires expert maintenance and BMW technicians to service.

Reverse Flow, 4.4-liter Twin Turbo V8

Not only does this beast have the looks and the handling, but it’s got the power too. BMW’s setup is an unconventional throttle-less twin turbo system, to ensure very little power lag and high performance at low RPMs. Power is quoted at 445 hp with 480-pound foot of torque. Understanding the intricate valvetronic engine control system is the first step to maintaining it or boosting its performance. This requires experienced BMW technicians like those at Foreign Affairs Motorsport.

Electrically Actuated Torque Vectoring

Not only is the BMW all-wheel drive, it can actually change the drive direction of each individual wheel to give better steering and handling. BMW calls it integral active steering and does this via a sophisticated electric motor system coupled to the drivetrain. Not only does this give the X5 an edge on the speedway; but it also helps it park smarter and easier. True to its heritage though, the system is more biased to putting power down to the rear wheels, giving it that classic BMW driving style.

Emergency Stop System

In addition to the usual self-parking and back up features, BMW has a new system which kicks in if the driver is incapacitated. This system stops the vehicle autonomously in its lane, at the edge of the road or on the shoulder depending on the situation. It also activates the warning flashers and places a call to the BMW helpline.

These are just a few of the plethora of new features offered by the X5. Other features include individually heated (or cooled) cup holders, four zone climate control and automatic smart tail gates. Numerous sensors constantly monitor environmental and running conditions, providing vital feedback to the on-board computer. One of the first BMWs to feature over the air upgrades, the system only gets better with time. The BMW X5 is a force to be reckoned with on the speedway or in the workshop. All these systems require high levels of technical competence to maintain or repair, which is exactly what our ASE certified, trained BMW technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsport are good at. We will ensure that all your BMW gives you is sheer driving pleasure.

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