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A McLaren Mechanic Shares Tips To Keep Your Supercar In Super Condition

mclaren mechanic

McLaren. The wild child of the performance car world. Manufactured in small batches, these iconic supercars have handling that is hard to beat and really appeal to a specific segment of auto-enthusiasts. Why are they definitely not for everyone? Besides for polarizing styling, they have a few idiosyncrasies that are usually not experienced by your Porsche, Ferrari, and more mainstream marques.

That is why our McLaren mechanics have put together what we feel are the four most important points to keep your McLaren in showroom condition and save yourself a few headaches.

#1 Oil Usage

All super cars use a little oil in between their standard oil services. It is very important to become familiar with roughly how much oil your car uses per 1,000 miles, so that you don’t have to face the problems caused by running it below the safe zone on the dipstick.

Fortunately for McLaren owners, the 12c tends to use about one quart every 1,000 to 1,500 miles. Be sure to check this on the interval. The oil reservoir is small, so adding more than a cupful of oil at a time will cause it to overflow. Consequently, you don’t want to add large amounts of oil at any one time. Additionally, make sure you replace the cap properly, crank ventilation pressure can easily blow it off and cause a nasty mess if it isn’t secure.

#2 Storage

Many of us prefer to use our performance autos during the summer, unless you live in South Florida, of course!

It’s no fun driving in the snow and rain, or when visibility is particularly poor. Consequently, we tend to store our vehicles over the winter months. Storing a car isn’t simply just parking it. Some useful pointers are to have the oil changed just before storage, pump the tires to maximum pressure. Make sure the auto has been washed and given a protective wax coating. Fill the gas tank to prevent condensation inside and put the battery onto a battery maintainer.

#3 Engine and Body Inspection

It is good practice to regularly inspect your McLaren both inside and out.

On the exterior (and underneath) look for stone chips or small scratches that could lead to corrosion or unsightliness. Some auto insurances have a scratch repair policy and will take care of them for you, otherwise feel free to pop into our Pompano Beach shop and we’ll fix it. We can also put your auto on the lift for you, which will make it much easier to check the undercarriage.

Inside the engine bay check all the coolant, brake, and electro-hydraulic fluid levels as well as the engine oil. Look out for any sweating or leaks. Start the engine and listen to it. If there are any weird ticking sounds or unusual noises, it is best to bring it into the shop for a full checkup.

#4 Detailing

A clean smart car looks better, regardless of what it is. When it comes to a super car and especially a McLaren which has many handmade body parts, it needs special attention. So please folks, no auto car washes. Insist on a hand wash and even better if you can do it yourself.

We recommend coupling this with an inspection, as there is absolutely no better way to get to know your auto inside and out then to give it a thorough detailing. Always use only the soaps and sponges recommended by us or McLaren as anything else can cause damage to the sensitive paintwork coatings or interior materials. Don’t forget to give the wheels and tires attention! Preferably wash your car in the shade and if you have the time, give it a good wax. You’ll thank yourself later when you see it sparkle.

McLaren Mechanic In Greater Fort Lauderdale

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all you can do to keep your McLaren in mint condition. There are many other things to discuss such as the finer details of storage, or how to tune the exhaust note and use the secret entry system if you get locked out. For all of this, and more, visit our friendly ASE certified team at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks.

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