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An Exclusive Look At The Mercedes-Maybach


The folks over at Porsche Hangout had a nice discussion recently on exclusivity. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we are all about customization. There are certain makes of automobiles that practically scream opulence and uniqueness. We could spend all day discussing the ‘quirks and features’ of the Mercedes-Maybach, so here are what we think to be the highlights. If you’re looking for answers, our Mercedes mechanic has them!

Now, let’s review the Mercedes-Maybach in all its glory, shall we?

Exterior Styling

Mercedes-Maybach exterior

If you love chrome styling, then the Mercedes-Maybach is definitely for you.

It sports a front grille that goes on for longer than Elizabeth Taylor’s list of ex-husbands. Like most of its ilk the Maybach has a dominant presence that can definitely be felt. The wheelbase is seven inches longer than the Mercedes platform it is based on; sitting on top of 20-inch Monoblock alloys. For that little extra, there is a fluted design in 21 inches. This takes its inspiration from the champagne glasses found in the back seats. (No, we’re not kidding.)

  • Color Options

    You have the choice of 15 colors for exterior—if you’re looking for monochrome, that is. Feeling adventurous? Express your inner Picasso with 10 choices of two-tone paint. The attention to detail in the finish is accented with touches like the illuminated MM logo on the C-pillar.

  • Automatic Doors

    Did we mention that the rear doors open automatically? When you have achieved the Maybach status, you definitely don’t open doors yourself. Mercedes wasn’t marring the beautiful lines of the Maybach with door handles, so they emerge from the body work when absolutely necessary.

Interior Styling

Mercedes-Maybach interior

Understandably the Mercedes is very backseat oriented. This is where that extra 7 inches of wheelbase really shines. You can almost fully recline the rear seats of the Maybach. Their sumptuous leather offers full heating, cooling and ventilation. Massage is available (of course) but Mercedes takes it one step further by offering a calf massage option. A nice touch are the armrests which also become toasty should you select the heating preference. Adding to the mood is the cabin lighting which features the Maybach only rose-gold and white setting. Sound oozes from the 30 speakers of the premium Burmeister 4D surround system. Finally, all aspects of the infotainment and navigation systems are configurable from the back seat by using the tablet integrated into the center console.

Engine and Powertrain

Mercedes-Maybach engine

Before we get into this, we should say that the focus of the Mercedes-Maybach is luxury and comfort. It would be unfair to expect a millionaire to conduct a business meeting from the back of his Lamborghini… So, it would be decidedly ‘lower middle class’ to expect the Maybach to represent sporting prowess. It simply isn’t about that, old boy. Then again, this is your favorite Mercedes mechanic, so we can’t help being nerdy.

You have a choice of two power plants with the new Maybach, a 496-hp twin turbo V8 augmented with a 48v hybrid system or the quicker S680 with a 621-hp V-12. Regardless of your choice power is provided to the wheels via the Mercedes 4-matic transmission. Both models offer rear wheel steering which makes navigating narrower streets a cinch.

Our Conclusion on the Mercedes-Maybach?

Few vehicles can go toe to toe with names like Rolls-Royce and remain respected, but the Mercedes-Maybach is one of them. If money really is no object, which would be your choice?

Find A Mercedes Mechanic in Pompano Beach

So, maybe you don’t own a Mercedes-Maybach, but that’s okay! Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has been working on Mercedes since 1983. Our mechanics are experts in every model of this luxury marque. If you’re looking for a local Mercedes mechanic you can trust, we’re just a phone call away! Schedule your next service by calling (954) 746-0488​​​​​, today.

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