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Audi Tuning Guide: Get More From Your Audi A4 (B6)

Audi tuning

The Audi A4 B6 (called B6 due to its use of the Volkswagen B6 common platform shared by the Passat and Sharan) was produced from 2000-2006. Styling was done by Peter Schreyer and many cues have been “borrowed” by other manufacturers. This was the first Audi to introduce a new CVT (continuously variable transmission) designed by LuK called multitronic which has a very low weight and rapid response. A range of different petrol engines were available from a timid inline naturally aspirated 1.6l four cylinder, to a forty valve 4.2l v8. Two different diesels were also available, the 1.9 TDI generating 96kW and the 2.5 V6 TDI generating 132kW. Clearly this car is a tuner’s dream, and a more then worthy contender of the BMW 3 series and C class Mercedes of the era. This guide will cover some of the Audi tuning modifications you can make to your Audi B6:

  • Steering And Suspension

    As always, before beginning any serious performance enhancements, make sure that your Audi’s steering and braking systems are capable of handling the increase in power. Considering that your car is at least 10 years old, a thorough tune up by Foreign Affairs Motorsports ASE certified team is a good move. Once you are sure that everything checks out, start out by replacing all the suspension and steering links and bushings with performance ones. The standard bushings are often made from softer rubber and so may cause excessive roll in the corners. Replacing these with good quality stiff rubber or polyurethane bushes will make your ride firmer, and your corning more aggressive. If you want a lower ride, you can replace the current springs with shorter ones, or even coil overs to make the ride very low, but it is best to consult the experts on this, as any lowering effects steering geometry.

  • Braking System

    Tuning your Audi for greater performance creates a longer stopping distance if you fail to upgrade the breaking system. Easy upgrades such as new rotors, calipers, stiffer pads and stainless-steel break lines will ensure that your Audi stops in record time.

  • Performance ECU Tuning

    A decent Audi tuner can add up to 50Hp to your stock motor, and Foreign Affairs recommends AWE tuning. We can do anything from a simple remap to a custom installation, and this will tailor any other performance enhancement you have made to your engine, optimizing its power output.

  • Exhaust Systems

    Many different types of modifications to the exhaust of your Audi B6 are available. Cat back (from the catalytic converter to the back of the car) and turbo back pipes as well as full reworks with custom branches and tailpipes are just some of the things we offer. It is crucial that you select the modification that will best suit the use pattern of your car, for example, a fully reworked pipe with flow optimization will enhance the engine note tremendously and might not be desirable in a daily driver. A poorly done exhaust modification can have a negative effect on your performance and engine life, so if you are unsure what to change its best to talk to our friendly team of experts.

  • Air Intakes

    Heat shielding and increasing your cold air intake diameter are two things that will greatly improve the performance of your Audi. The better the airflow through the engine, the better its performance.

These are just some of the Audi tuning techniques that are available at Foreign Affairs Motorsports. It is by no means an exhaustive list, as many other subtler mods such as engine mounts and custom clutches can also give you that extra edge. Why not come and see our technicians so that they can propose modifications that are designed with you, and your specific B6 in mind.

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