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Custom Mercedes | Our Favorite Merc Mods Of The Week

custom mercedes

We can all agree that a Mercedes is a beautiful work of German engineering, but a custom Mercedes is a car that will really turn heads. Picture your car as a blank canvas which can be modified to your heart’s content. Whether you are after improved vehicle performance that will give you an edge on the track, or unique automotive styling that will be the envy of your friends, there is a Mercedes mod that will suit your needs. Take a look at some of our favorites for the week:

BMC F1 Replacement Air Filters

These high-performance air filters drop in to your OEM Mercedes airbox and will drastically improve airflow and performance. A special soft-rubber material is used on the outer frame to create a tighter seal around the filter, and the material also eliminates the risk of cracking or breaking of the filter. The filter itself is made of washable cotton and it is enclosed in an alloy mesh screen which maintains the shape of the filter and does not allow large debris and dirt to pass through. Your engine loves clean air and the BMC F1 air filter will ensure that its thirst is always quenched. With clean air, comes more consistent power.

This part fits Mercedes-Benz 2006+ C/CL/CLS/ML/S/SL 500 & 55 AMG models.

Pagid Racing Break Discs

When your custom Mercedes is going at full throttle, it’s going to need an advanced braking system to slow down safely and efficiently. Pagid’s complete package consisting of the disc, mounting bell and bobbin set has got you covered. These brakes were born on the track and have been optimized for minimum weight, maximum cooling, and superior crack resistance. The brake is also designed in a modular format which allows one to switch between sprint and endurance discs while using the same mounting bell. When you come into a corner at 60 mph, you’re going to be thankful that your brake discs are up for the challenge.

This part fits the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 model.

Alpha 9 BiTurbo System

Generate massive gains in horsepower and torque using the latest in turbo technology. Utilizing a larger turbine wheel to accommodate the airflow provided by the billet compressor wheel, the system can breathe freely. Thrill your passengers when you punch the throttle and the BiTurbo puts out 750+HP/770TQ. The component has been designed to mirror the aesthetic of the OEM turbine so it has a stock appearance, and factory heat shielding is also a desirable feature. If you’re a bit of a mod addict, then not to worry; the BiTurbo is capable of supporting further engine modifications down the road.

This part fits the Mercedes-Benz 2011+ S63 AMG & 2012+ SL63/ML63/G63/GL63/Cl63/CLS63/E63 AMG models.

HRE 300 Classic Series Wheels

No custom Mercedes is complete without a jaw-dropping set of wheels. Designed for strength and quality, but with the aesthetic of custom wheels from the 1990s, these HRE 300 Classic Series wheels will be a timeless addition to any sports car. Aerospace-grade forged aluminum has been used to create an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, and backpad pocketing comes standard to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia. These features enhance performance and handling while stepping your car’s visual appeal up a notch.

This part fits all Mercedes-Benz models.

Akrapovič Evolution Line Exhaust

There’s nothing more exhilarating than the rumble of a deep exhaust system. The Evolution line performance exhaust from Akrapovič produces an aggressive sound and provides significant weight reduction. Constructed with precision-made proprietary titanium, four tailpipes allow gases to escape the combustion chamber more efficiently. The system will free up engine power and give the rear-end of your custom Mercedes a refined look that is sure to be noticed.

This part fits the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupé (C204) 2014.

Installing Your Mods

When you decide that it’s time to treat your car to a new mod, the last thing that you want is a botched installation. We’ve got over 35 years in experience in installing various mods for an array of Mercedes models, and you can rest assured that at Foreign Affairs Motorsport we’ll do your upgrade professionally.

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