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FAMTactics Pilots Incredible Porsche Performance and More

famtactics pilot porsche gt4

At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, we care about performance. Porsche and a variety of other European cars have been serviced and repaired at a world-class standard in our warehouse for four decades. We offer race-track assistance as well as customization, restoration and preservation for the optimum Porsche performance tuning.

Foreign Affairs Motorsport has been established since 1978 as professionals in vehicle performance upgrades. Former racer Bob Varela started the company which has since grown and now he and his sons manage the business together. As a family-oriented workshop, we are proud of the driver’s education track events we run at Sebring and Homestead.

Customization was a priority when we outfitted the 2016 Porsche GT4. We recently showcased this enhanced track day car, calling it Project GT4. For the ultimate Porsche performance, we included the following specs on this vehicle:

  • Stock horsepower of about 385
  • Stock torque of about 309
  • Vehicle weight of just under 3000 pounds
  • Enhancements on the engine, suspension, wheels, tires and safety

The passion we have for all things automotive now has a new avenue. With the launch of our new, automotive, web series – FAMTactics – we will be bringing our knowledge and a look into the exciting projects we work on right to your screens. Join us every second Friday for a new video from the workshop of Foreign Affairs Motorsport.

BOBBY VARELA: Hi, my name is Bobby Varela with Foreign Affairs Motorsport and welcome to our new automotive web series called FAMTactics. Throughout this series we will be focusing on numerous car projects, showcasing customization, restoration, and preservation.

Foreign Affairs Motorsport has been offering world-class service and repairs, performance, and trackside support for Porsche and a variety of other European cars for almost 40 years. My father and founder, Bob Varela, first opened the doors in a small warehouse in South Florida in 1978. A lot has changed since then and we’ve moved to an additional building.

My father’s Love of automobiles, and experience in racing with the likes of Preston Henn and AJ Foyt set the stage for overall wins at races like the 12-hour of Sebring and the 24-hour Daytona. This appetite to win and be successful would trickle down to his sons who help manage the business today.

Today we are showcasing project GT4 – the ultimate track day car. Here are two fine examples of a 2016 Porsche GT4 that we’ve outfitted for some of our clients. This Porsche was purchased for track use only. The owner of this GT4 has been a customer with us for over 25 years. He shares this car with his son and attends our driver’s education track events at Sebring and Homestead.

The specs for this car are as follows: stock horsepower is about 385, stock torque is 309, and the vehicle weight is in just under 3,000 pounds

Now, all this makes for a nice horsepower to weight ratio – but as always, we are never satisfied with what the factory gives us for power… so, we add more. This particular GT4 is outfitted with many enhancements in a variety of different areas such as: engine, suspension, wheels, tires, and safety. This is one of over twenty GT4’s Foreign Affairs has prepped for our client’s track addiction. Thank you for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next lap.

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