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Audi Tuning: Make Sure You Hire Professionals

Audi tuning

In general, tuning your Audi is a fairly safe and risk-free means of extracting more performance. However, as tuning becomes easier and more popular, many amateur shops have seemingly opened overnight. While these shops seem to offer good value for your money, much of the tuning maps they have available are generic. They can actually hamper your car’s performance and ruin your engine with little or no recourse available.

If you’re thinking of getting your Audi tuned, consider the benefits of using a professional Audi tuning service.

Customized Tuning Maps

Any tuning company worth their salt will have access to a dyno. Since there are so many different ways to modify a car, a generic map may not be able to take full advantage of your modification. In some cases, this may even worsen your car’s performance. A dyno allows your tuner to make test pulls with your car and gather data, such as horsepower production, torque production, and determine how the engine is delivering power and torque at different RPM’s.

Once this data is gathered, your Audi tuner can then make finite adjustments to the ecu map and fuel injector spray, as well as the timing and throttle positioning, to maximize performance and create your cars own custom map.

Premium Products

Our performance shop pros have access to some of the most advanced Audi tuning solutions available. Whether you’re looking to remap your stock ECU or replace the whole ECU, we offer solutions from leading brands such as Cobb, Racechip, and Haltech. Our staff will be able to advise you on which product is best for your application, and complete the installation for you.

There are many cheap imitation products that have begun to make their way onto the market.  While they may have the same branding and functionality as leading brands, these components are generally lower quality, and can cause your entire electrical system to burn out.

Peace Of Mind

We understand that your Audi is your baby, and that you chose the brand to get Audi’s signature mixture of comfort, luxury, performance, and reliability. Many of the Audi’s that come through our doors for tuning are still on a service plan and warranty, and dealers have the right to terminate these if they discover the car was tuned or modified elsewhere.

Our tuning solutions are completely reversible and removable by you, the owner. This means that when it’s time for your Audi to visit the dealer, the stock Audi map can be loaded on to the ECU and the tuning device can be removed from the car, so that your warranty and service plan remain intact.

RaceChip takes this a step forward on their GTS Black line of tuning modules. These are designed to take your Audi’s performance to the max by offering a 2-year engine warranty up to the value of $10,000 for any damage occurred from using their products, as long as the products were installed by a RaceChip certified installer. Our performance shop pros will go the extra mile to make sure your Audi is properly serviced, and all potential damage is repaired.

Premium Supporting Modifications

To get the most out of your Audi and run high performance tunes, some modification to hardware may be required. From upgrade turbos, less restrictive intakes and exhausts, to tires and suspension, using a professional shop will ensure that only the highest quality aftermarket parts are fitted to your car. You will know when you are pushing your car to its limits that there’s no risk of a part failing and ruining your baby.

Discover Expert Audi Tuning Service

Whether you drive a vintage Quattro or modern RS5, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is your one stop shop for all your Audi needs. Located on Pompano Beach Florida, we have been responsible for keeping the most desirable European cars serviced and on the road since 1978.

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