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Car Tuning, Explained

car tuning

If you own a performance car, you’ll know the excitement that comes from maximizing its performance. It’s the sheer thrill of edging up your car’s power limit and feeling that raw power on the road. Because we all know that you can never have too much power! 

In the world of car tuning, it’s all about increasing your car’s power and performance. But how does tuning work exactly? And what different options do you have to level up your car’s performance? We’ll be answering these and other questions right here.

Car Tuning 101

Car tuning is about improving the performance and looks of your car.

If you’ve ever noticed something unique about a car on the road, whether it was stylish bodywork, specialized tailpipes, or a potent sounding engine, chances are, it’s been tuned. It’s what makes a car stand out while increasing the thrill of driving at the same time. The world of car tuning contains endless options to choose from. This is why getting your car tuned is about deciding on the right direction to take. Track car tuning, for instance, will look different from streetcar mods as they have a different purpose. Car tuning can range from race chips, superchargers, turbos, wheels, a new exhaust system, and external styling mods. Let’s break these down to see what tickles your fancy.

Fancy a Super or Turbo?

Superchargers and turbochargers add extra power output to your engine. Each of these being a little different in design. 

A supercharging unit is driven by your engine. It does this by means of a belt and compresses or squeezes air into your engine, creating more power. What makes a turbo different, is that it uses the heat created by exhaust gases to spin a small turbine. The turbine drives a compressor that forces air back into the engine. The result being, you guessed it, more power! Supers and turbos both provide additional power to your engine.

Racechip Ready

Performance chips sound complex, but they are simply electronic chips that help to increase your car’s performance.

Whether it’s more responsive acceleration or extra lower-end torque you’re after, think performance chips. A Racechip chip is a reputable brand that can help your car push out up to 30% more power. If it’s faster acceleration that you’re after, then a Racechip is a great way to go.

Wondrous Wheels 

Next up we have wheels. Performance wheels will increase your cars handling and will also bring down its total weight. This is because performance wheels are light and increased performance is all about shedding weight. There are many exciting performance alloys to choose from. Even though they are lighter, they still offer strength and durability.

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks are the wheel experts. They will be able to advise you on the best wheels and suspension kit to go for. You’ll be amazing at what a new set of wheels will do for your car’s performance and its head-turning ability.

Explosive Exhaust and Air Intakes 

Don’t worry, nothing’s going to explode, but it may sound like it is! Performance exhausts are where things really get fun. Not only do they add a new dimension to how your car’s engine sounds, but they can also increase performance by up to 10%. You can choose from new tailpipes, smaller silencers, and even high flow catalytic converters.

This may all sound foreign to you, but this is definitely not the case at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. Pop in to see their wide range of performance exhaust kits. Performance is also closely linked to airflow efficiency within your engine. Colder air is known to be better for performance as cold air is dense. Custom air intakes play the role of re-routing incoming air and optimizing the airflow rate.

Sophisticated Styling

Body kits can make all the difference in making your car stand out. But they’re not just good for looking at. They can also help to decrease weight which increases performance. Performance body kits are styled out of carbon fiber which is incredibly light and strong. So turn those heads and even your own head by adding a body kit onto your car.

Have We Talked You Into Tuning Your Car?

Car tuning is an exhilarating world full of different options to consider. But it’s a process that you don’t want to do alone. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we’ve been race tuning for 30 years! We have an expert team of technicians that know the leading European performance brands backward. We will be able to give you the best advice about how to take your car to that next level. Call us today at (954) 746-0488.

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