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Auto Mechanic Tips For Building Your Emergency Kit

auto mechanic

As auto mechanics, we are used to getting called out to help folks that have gotten stranded at the side of the road. Forest Gump put it aptly when he simply said, ‘it happens.’ To that, we’d add, ‘there it is.’ There is much to be said for being prepared, so that when it does hit the fan, you at least have Professor Calculus’s umbrella. So, without further ado, here are five things an auto mechanic says you should always keep in your car.

1. A Pumped Spare Tire

Okay genius, we know that most vehicles have a spare tire (unless you’re that lucky Mercedes Benz owner with the inflation kit or a handy toll free number to Herr director of Daimler).

Jokes apart, if you are one of the lucky owners of the new generation of spare tire-less autos, heads up! (If not, skip this paragraph.) Make sure that you know where the tire repair kit is (especially if you’ve got a previously owned vehicle check that it is there) and you know how to work it. If you don’t want the stress, pop into our shop and we’ll show you. Your favorite auto mechanic recommends that you consider fitting your vehicle with run flat tires. They will make your life much easier.

Okay, so you’re a normal owner who has a spare tire. Next question, what is the pressure in it? There is nothing more useless than a flat spare… Unless you’re one of those guy-guys (or lasses) who carries a pump around with you (we’re discussing your vehicle here) why bother carrying a tire at all?

Unfortunately, air slowly filters out of rubber, so even if your tire was pumped last service, chances are that it has lost pressure. Unless you have a pressure monitoring system in your auto, we suggest checking the spare before a long journey. Typically, you should pump it extra hard – to 45 PSI so that it will take longer to go flat. While you’re in there, just check that the jack and wheel spanner are where you expect them to be. They also have a nasty habit of going AWOL.

2. Jumper Leads

Even Tesla cars have lead acid batteries. Take it from your friendly auto mechanic, there are two things that are certain about a standard battery. They die after about four years of use, and they go dead easily. Having a set of jumper cables can be the difference between having your wheels back or waiting for Uber. Just remember to switch on headlights and demisters in the vehicle providing the juice before disconnecting the jumpers. 

3. Fire Extinguisher

We’d call this more of a nice-to-have bit of kit. Most modern cars don’t spectacularly Ford Pinto on you, but there have been a few documented cases over the last little while. Even if just to help someone else out, a small dry powder extinguisher can come in very useful. Top tip – check it every year to make sure it maintains pressure, if not, get it serviced.

4. Torch

We know you might have the latest model of fruit phone 14 XS Pro Max 5G Fold, and we’re sure it has a torch that would put Luke Skywalker’s sabre to shame. However, do you really want to crack that irreplaceable back glass? Getting a flat in nasty weather calls for something a little more, uhm hard core. We recommend that you look at products from LED Lenser since these are both durable and functional.

5. Leatherman

Yes, if you are one of those above-mentioned people, you probably have your Leatherman strapped right next to your submachine gun… If you’re not and you have the means, keeping one in the glove box is a smart move. It is super useful if something minor goes wrong under the hood. Trust your auto mechanic, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting by the roadside for want of a screwdriver.

Auto Mechanic in Pompano Beach

There are some roadside problems that you can’t hack even with the best arsenal of equipment in the trunk. If this happens, take a deep breath and call your friendly team of auto mechanic experts at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve got your back.

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