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The Most Common Ferrari Repairs

Ferrari Repairs

The prancing stallion emblem is a symbol that the world has come to love. Once synonymous with Italian flair, stratospheric performance, and ultra-refinement. But even Ferrari’s have the occasional repair issue. Where there are mechanics and electronics involved, sometimes things need fixing. Here’s a look at the most common Ferrari repairs and how you can stay on top of your Ferrari maintenance.

Worn Gaskets 

Seals and gaskets go through their fair amount of wear and tear over time. This often leads to the emergence of oil leaks. Oil leaks compromise your Ferrari’s performance and could lead to engine damage. The simple solution is to get your head gaskets and oil pump seals checked. This is where a scheduled maintenance plan comes into play. It ensures that any wear and tear issues are regularly serviced.

Failing Engine Mounts 

Certain Ferrari models develop failing engine mounts. The Ferrari F430 is known particularly for this issue. The Ferrari constructs the motor mounts out of rubber for extra cushioning. Over time, high temperatures combined with engine vibrations can wear down the rubber. If you feel engine vibrations while you’re driving, it’s worth getting your engine mounts checked out. You may also want to pop the hood with the engine on idle and check if it’s moving around too much. This can be a tricky issue to pinpoint and it’s best to consult a reputable Ferrari repair facility

Cracked Fuel Line

Ferraris make use of a reinforced rubber compound to make fuel lines. This prevents any splitting or kinking of the fuel line over time. What it does mean, however, is that as the rubber ages, it tends to dry out and crack. When these cracks develop, they tend to spray fuel on the exhaust and the engine. You can understand the danger of fuel being sprayed onto hot engine components. The fuel can ignite causing a fire. This is why it’s important to get your fuel lines checked regularly.

Cracked Exhaust Mounting Brackets

Many Ferraris contain solid exhaust mounting brackets. These go through a constant heating and cooling cycle. This causes stress on the brackets. Over time these brackets may crack which will lead to rattling noises. The danger is that some of these manifolds contain pre-catalytic metals. Additionally, these metals are harmful if they reach the engine. Be sure to get your manifolds checked by a Ferrari repairs specialist.

Carbon Deposit Build-Up

Over time, carbon deposits can build up in the engine. Every Ferrari engine is custom-built and requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Strangely enough, walnut shells are often forced through the engine valves to help clean them out. The shells are hard and edgy and break apart the deposits. An air compressor and a special vacuum cleaner are used for this process. The air compressor forces the shells through, while the vacuum cleaner filters out the loose shells. Other ways of cleaning involve the use of lasers or special brushes.

Common Electrical Issues

In some cases, your Ferrari may be experiencing an electronic fault of some kind. Over time, electrical wires can corrode and become exposed. This can lead to various electrical shorts. Electrical issues may involve the engine warning light. Remember that just because the engine light comes on, doesn’t mean that you have an engine issue. You should always go straight to your Ferrari specialist to get it checked out. You don’t want to mess around with your electronics or your engine. Other faults include dim headlights, dim interior lighting, and intermittent ignition issues.

Ferrari Repairs You Can Trust

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we are a comprehensive Ferrari service facility. Whatever problem you have, our highly skilled team of technicians will diagnose and fix it. Why not come and visit our Ferrari repair facility in Pompano Beach and see for yourself. Add more life to your car. Call us today at (954) 746-0488 or find Foreign Affairs Motorwerks on Facebook!

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