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Porsche Repair: Steering & Suspension Issues

Porsche repair

Porsche’s German engineering comes with a solid reliability track record. Needless to say that every car brand comes with certain issues that may arise. At some stage, your Porsche may encounter a steering or suspension problem. Although these aren’t deal-breakers, it’s important to know what they are. This way you can get them fixed at a Porsche repair facility. Here’s what to look out for with your Porsche steering and suspension.

The Panamera Sedan Steering Recall

Between 2017-2018, Porsche recalled 75,000 Panamera models internationally. The issue at hand was a software glitch. It caused an intermittent disappearance of the power steering. The glitch would make power steering unavailable for short periods. This would cause drivers to have to use increased force while steering. A sudden change in steering assistance can be dangerous to the driver. This is because it takes time to adjust to the slower response from the steering wheel. Additionally, at high speeds, this could lead to an increased risk of losing control of your Porsche.

Luckily the fix is fairly simple. The associated control unit needed to be reprogrammed with an updated data version. Not sure if your Panamera got the update? It’s best to pop into a reputable Porsche repair facility to make sure. 

Hard Steering Issues

A few Porsches have been known to have particularly hard steering. If it’s incredibly difficult to turn your car, then something may be wrong. Unlike the above issue, hard steering is usually a mechanical fix.

There are a few things to look at:

  • Insufficient Power Steering Fluid

    Lower amounts of steering fluid result in a decreased force that’s applied to the pistons. This causes less assistance with the steering.

  • Damaged Steering Belt

    Your power steering system is driven by the power steering belt. Over time these belts can crack, loosen, or even snap. When this happens, your power steering system won’t work properly.

  • Faulty Steering Rack

    Steering racks work hand in hand with your power steering system. Over time, they can be subject to wear and tear and may need fixing.

Noisy Suspension Issues 

Your suspension system consists of many parts. Over time, certain suspension components may become faulty. If you’re hearing one of the following noises from your suspension, it’s best to get it checked out.

  • Squealing

    Squealing noises are usually caused by damaged or worn-out suspension bushings. Often made from rubber, suspension bushes prevent any metal-to-metal contact. When these wear down, the metal contact noise is what you’re most likely hearing.

  • Knocking

    Any knocking noise that happens when you drive over bumps could mean that your shocks are faulty. Worn-out shocks tend to lose their shock absorption ability and can rebound. A Porsche repair technician will be able to test your shocks and replace them if need be.

  • Rattling

    Rattling noises can be caused by several component issues. The root cause can either be a simply loosening issue, or a wear and tear issue.

  • Rusty Hinge Sound

    Finally, if you can hear that sound like a rusty door hinge, you may have a ball joint issue. Ball joints connect your wheel hubs to your control arms and can be subject to wear and tear over time.

Other Porsche Suspension Issues

Besides noises, there are some other causes that you should look out for. These include:

  • Faulty Shock Absorbers
  • Incorrect Wheel Alignment
  • Failing Suspension Springs
  • Lack Of Lubrication
  • Faulty Control Arms Or Ball Joints

It’s best to get a trusted Porsche repair facility to conduct a full suspension check on your Porsche. Remember that prevention is the best remedy. A preventative maintenance plan will ensure that your suspension is kept in top condition.

The South Florida Porsche Repair Specialists

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we specialize in all Porsche steering and suspension issues. Our experienced team of technicians will diagnose your Porsche’s exact problem. Whatever Porsche you own, we’ll confidently restore your car to perfect condition.

Call us today at (954) 746-0488 or visit Foreign Affairs Motorwerks’ Facebook page to see the latest events, articles, and posts!

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