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Auto Shop Talk: Give Thanks To Your Car

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Having access to a car is both a joy and a necessity. A recent study conducted by ValuePenguin of Lending Tree® showed that over 90% of households in the U.S. report having access to at least one vehicle. Owning a car is an investment that comes with many perks. In this article, we celebrate the modern car for all the great benefits it gives us. We also give top auto shop advice on how to keep your car running in top condition. 

It’s the time of year where we acknowledge things we’re thankful for! Why not add car ownership to the list? After all, it is the season! So, let’s give thanks to our cars and all that it allows us to do, shall we? 

Freedom and Independence 

When we think of America, two words tend to come to mind: freedom and independence. Owning a car allows you to drive wherever you want, whenever you want with no need to rely on public transportation or carpooling with friends. It also gives you the ability to arrive on-time for work, appointments, and engagements. 

Having a vehicle puts a sense of adventure at your fingertips. Fancy a drive down to the Florida Keys? Want to check out the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood? Need to get a quick haircut? Just jump in your car and drive! It’s a sense of freedom that only having your own means of transportation can give you. How can we relay our thankfulness for our car and this amazing perk? Take care of her. Pay attention to warning lights on the dash and remember to invest in a routine comprehensive auto maintenance plan with your favorite auto shop! This way, your car will always be ready to take you on the next adventure!

Privacy and Safety

Public transportation can involve many interactions with places and people. When you’re forced to rely on Broward County Transit, you have a bus schedule that often involves more than one stop with multiple connecting trips. Likewise, if you use South Florida’s Tri-Rail™ or Brightline® transit systems. Sure, riding on a train is fun and slightly faster, but your plans still revolve around their schedule, not yours. 

As if the inconvenience of planning your day around bus stops and transit schedules wasn’t enough, public transportation isn’t known for its clean and comfortable environment. If you’re a germaphobe, we promise you, having a car is the way to go; literally! Mainly because owning your car puts you in control of your immediate environment. You can decide who drives with you, and you can choose how often to clean—or not clean—your car whenever you want. 

And the cherry on the proverbial transportation cake? Driving yourself around just makes us feel safer because we’re the pilots. You’re in full control of your car, who’s in it, and how you respond to traffic on the road. ​​​​​​

Auto Shop Fun Fact: American households spend an average of $250 on gas each month; that’s approximately $3,000 a year! That sounds like a lot, but can you really put a price on freedom? We think not…

Helpful In Emergencies

Owning a car can get you places in a hurry. For a sudden family emergency, who wants to have to wait for an ambulance if you don’t need to? Keep in mind that a single ambulance trip can cost in the area of $300 or more, depending on where you live! What about work emergencies? What if your pet needs to take an emergency trip to the vet? The beauty of having a car is that you can respond to any emergency, instantly. No waiting for help. If you want to count on your car for this luxury, it’s wise to keep your car’s servicing schedule up to date. A reputable auto shop will be able to advise you on when your car is due for a service. The last thing you want to have is a dead battery or a mechanical issue when you need your car the most!

Save Your Time

As we know, time is money. But time is also most valued when we spend it with those we love. Waiting on public transportation can waste a lot of time. Time that would be better spent doing most anything else. Undoubtedly, having access to a reliable car helps us to better manage a busy life. Being able to get in your vehicle at the drop of a hat dramatically reduces your downtime. Better still, if there is a traffic jam, you can choose to take an alternative route home. The choice is in your hands.

Auto Shop Pro Tip: Have you noticed a dip in your car’s performance around town? It’s worth contacting a trusted mechanic to get it looked at. A few adjustments at your trusted auto shop can rejuvenate your car’s performance.

Great Family Memories

Many of us have good memories with family or friends from road trips. Owning a car enables us to have meaningful conversations and catch-up on everyday life. Whether it’s driving our kids to school or going on a road trip adventure, time with those we love is priceless. It’s times like these that our cars become more than just cars; they become memory makers. If that’s not something to be thankful for, we’re not sure what is!

Thank Your Car with An Auto Shop Service

The best way we can give thanks to our car this Thanksgiving is to give it the consistent TLC it deserves. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks specializes in auto servicing, repairs, and fine performance tuning. Whether your car needs an oil change or a complete overhaul, trust our auto shop to get you there. After you’ve given all the turkey and pumpkin pie some time to digest, call our friendly mechanic team in Pompano Beach at (954) 746-0488 for all your vehicle maintenance needs!

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