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Car-Related Gift Ideas Even A Mechanic Would Love


So, you’re not into cars, like at all. This might sound funny coming from the mechanics at your favorite auto shop, but we get it. Not everyone wants to be a mechanic. An important part of being human is realizing that we are all different. Some people go crazy about pet lizards, others are into cosplay. For you, it might be about baking the perfect selection of Christmas cookies. Whatever it is, we’re not here to judge.

Here’s the thing though, your significant other is really into autos. That can be a bit of a bind, as you’re never quite sure what to get them. Don’t worry! At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we have your back. It’s the season of giving, so let’s go shopping!

Leatherman Wave

No, seriously. If your partner doesn’t already have one of these, we’re not quite sure what you have been doing for the last few years. We don’t care if your granddaddy was into Swiss Army knives, Tim Leatherman’s tool beats them on all fronts. (We just had to sneak that one in.)

There are many different incarnations of the Leatherman, but our choice would be the Wave. Our reasons are simple; it’s light enough to carry around all day, strong enough to accomplish most tasks, (we’re not Indiana Jones) and has the perfect combination of 18 tools for cars or whatever life throws your way.

However, if your partner is Arnold Schwarzenegger you might want to consider the Super Tool. Or if they’re more of a Black Widow, perhaps the Bond is more applicable.

LED Lenser SEO7R

It might sound like the name of a star from a distant galaxy, but this puppy is no slouch when it comes to performance, (although we wish LED Lenser were a little more like Leatherman when it comes to naming their products…).

One of the most annoying things to any mechanic is not being able to see properly. We spend a lot of time under vehicles trying to figure out what it is we’ve missed, and good lighting helps plenty.

Take it from us, having a good headlamp stowed in the glove box can be the difference between quickly changing a flat, or a cracked phone screen.

Meguiar’s New Car Kit

Have you read our ultimate detailing guide? We’ve spent the last few months unpacking auto detailing in depth. As mechanics and car lovers, we maintain the best way to get to know your car is to give it a top to bottom clean. This way you pick up any damage to the body work, oil leaks or spots on the interior that need attention.

The Meguiars kit has everything that you need to do a standard two bucket system wash, making sure that your pride and joy is as sparkly as Jenny Lind was in The Greatest Showman.

Stanley Trigger Action Travel Mug

The average American spends an hour a day in their vehicle. Now, because you’re here, we know you’re far from average, so you may spend more than this.

Most of us have our go to Joe that is our companion as we tackle the open road. The problem us Foreign Affairs mechanics often face are the chintzy cups that you get at the likes of Starbucks or McDonalds. Finding out that your latte has done timeshare between your mouth and work attire while you were focused on the traffic isn’t cool. That’s why we reckon you should get a Stanley. They have lots of different models, paintjobs and we can honestly say that they are all good. Even better, a lot of cafes will now give you a discount if you use your own mug, since it is more ‘planet friendly’.

Weather Tech Mats

In Florida, we do rain. We do a lotta rain. Rain means mud and mud means a dirty interior. This can take special shampoo and lots of time to get out of your auto’s interior. So, we suggest that prevention is better than cure. At WeatherTech, you can get custom rubber mats fitted to the entire interior. Voila! Next time Fido hops in along with half the farmyard, your blood pressure stays normal and your interior stays pristine.

When In Doubt, Ask A Mechanic!

Choosing a decent gift is rather like buying a car. There are lots of options but finding one that is a good fit can be tricky. By now you should have some idea of what we think is a good kit. Feel free to customize and add your personal touch for that ultimate auto goodness. And, as always, if you have any questions about what to get the mechanic in your life, ask the pros at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. They’ve been the luxury auto repair shop of choice in Pompano Beach since 1978!

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