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BMW Repair Shop: Why Is My Exhaust Misfiring?

BMW Repair Shop

At our BMW repair shop, we know how you love your car for its luxurious finish and high-performance engine. We also know that you trust your powerful engine to give you a thrilling yet safe driving experience. Unfortunately, even the most trusted designs run into faults, the more you use them.

Misfires are among these expected malfunctions. If not addressed early, they can lead to expensive repairs. The best thing to do is to take preventative measures and pay attention to the telltale signs. That way, you can enjoy a prolonged, safe driving experience in your prized vehicle.

As a well-respected BMW repair shop, at Foreign Affairs Motorsport we offer comprehensive BMW Service & Maintenance packages that help you effectively repair and prevent misfire damage.

What Is Misfiring?

Misfiring is when your engine skips one of its processes during the combustion cycle, causing one or more cylinders to release raw fuel into the exhaust system. This exposes other engine and exhaust components to unburned fuel. The damage can be slight or serious, depending on how severe the misfire is.

You might experience decreased engine power, increased fuel consumption, and a jerking engine. Other symptoms include popping sounds, a smell of gasoline or engine oil, and thick exhaust clouds coming from the tailpipes.

3 Common Causes of BMW Misfiring

There are many things that can cause your BMW to misfire, but these three are the ones that you can expect the most.

  • Malfunctioning Crank Position Sensor
  • Worn Spark Plug Wiring
  • Damaged Head Gasket or Exhaust Valve

Malfunctioning Crank Position Sensor

Your car’s crank position sensor is responsible for your engine’s timing. It keeps everything synchronized. A crank sensor malfunction can lead to irregular piston movement. As a result, you may experience increased fuel consumption, engine backfires and trouble accelerating. If the crank sensor stops completely, your vehicle could fail to start.

Servicing your engine regularly can help you extend the life of your crank sensor.

Worn Spark Plug Wiring

Car parts wear with continued use, and spark plug wiring is no exception. Worn spark plug wiring can negatively impact the function of the spark plug. This could affect all your cylinders, disturbing the air-fuel balance and resulting in misfiring.

Schedule a routine maintenance check with us, to keep your spark plugs and their wiring in good form.

Damaged Head Gasket or Exhaust Valve

The head gasket seals the cylinders, ensuring the highest compression possible. When cracked, it can make more than one cylinder misfire. The exhaust valve, on the other hand, releases burned gases from the cylinders to the exhaust system. Damage on this component will lead to an air leak and incorrect air-fuel mixture.  

Both these compression issues need to be repaired immediately, because they can lead to expensive engine damage.

Is It Safe To Drive With a Misfiring Vehicle?

Safety when driving a misfiring vehicle depends on the severity of the misfire, but we do not encourage driving a car when you suspect an engine or exhaust fault. Misfires create wear on internal components, which in the worst case, can result in your car losing power on the road.

Only a skilled professional can truly gauge the seriousness of the problem. Until then, you might be gambling with your car and life.

Pay attention to the ‘Check Engine’ light and take immediate action when you see it. The same applies when you notice symptoms like a jerking engine, a smell of oil or gasoline, or thick smoke coming from your tailpipes.

Being vigilant, acting early, coupled with regular preventative maintenance, will save you loads of time and money. It will prolong your vehicle’s life and keep you safe on the road.

Let Us Help You

Let our highly trained technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsport help you keep your prized German engine in its top form. We use extensive experience and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause and put out the fire, before further damage is caused.

If you suspect a misfire, do not delay. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians now!

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