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When To Take Your Car For Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Our automobiles are much like our bodies in that we use them every day which results in a lot of wear and tear. We perform preventative maintenance on our bodies by making sure it has everything it needs to keep running effectively every day and our automobiles should be no different. When we eat right, spend time with loved ones, do things we like and exercise then we are taking steps to ensure that our body and mind is in the best shape it can be but why don’t we take the same care with our automobiles? Many of us believe that the only time our automobiles should see an automotive service specialist is when there is something wrong but this isn’t the case. We should take the same care with our cars that we do ourselves to ensure that it is in the best shape it can be. This is called preventative maintenance for our cars. But how often should we do it?

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance can be seen as “touch-ups” that are performed on components of actively functioning motor vehicles to lessen the likelihood of those components failing. Regular maintenance often helps prevent things from going catastrophically wrong later which improves safety at a reasonable cost. This is comparable to humans eating to keep our immune systems working well.

What Are Examples Of Preventative Maintenance?

These are some of the most common preventative maintenance checks to make:

  • Fluid and Filter Services

    Your vehicle has a lot of different fluids that keep it running smoothly. A simple one to think about is the oil. Oil helps to keep the engine lubricated and the vehicle running. It is clear why it would be important to check this to steer away from problems which could easily be avoided with a simple oil change.

  • Wheel Alignment

    Often overlooked but also very important is wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is a form of preventative maintenance which helps to stop your car from veering off one way or the other. Well aligned wheels are not only safer but they also have various economic benefits such as improving fuel economy.

How Often Do I Need Preventative Maintenance?

After being told about the importance of preventative maintenance and given some examples of what can be done, most people wonder how often they should have it done. The answer is that it varies. Many vehicles will have a maintenance plan which would tell you when you should take your vehicle for servicing.

However, each vehicle and driver is different. Some may not even have a maintenance plan; some cars are driven more often than others and some drivers drive more aggressively than others. There are many factors impacting on how often you should service your vehicle. It is therefore important that you speak to service professionals in order to get the best advice to suit your needs.

On average, most people should see a service professional at least twice a year to minimize wear and tear. For example, the oil and filter changes discussed earlier should usually be performed every six to twelve months. Other services include brake fluid flushes, wheel alignments, brake changes, etc.

The importance of regular servicing by qualified technicians can’t be understated.Taking care of your car before it breaks down will usually save you money in the long run. Going back to the example of our bodies, it’s much cheaper to drink water, eat well and exercise than it is to see a doctor if your immune system isn’t strong. The same goes for our cars; it’s easier to keep the engine lubricated by making use of oil checks every six to twelve months than it is to fix a malfunctioning engine.

It is important to note that all the servicing advice we have spoken about are seen as only guidelines. For a more detailed plan, it is best to contact one of our Foreign Affairs Motorsport expert technicians at  (954)746-0488.

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