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BMW Service and Maintenance Tips

bmw service

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Ensuring that your car gets the best maintenance care available is important at our BMW service center. Without a doubt, a BMW remains one of the most meticulously engineered vehicles on the road. You can appreciate it in the choice of materials on the dashboard and doors, feel it in the smooth way the car glides down the road, and see it in the way the exterior panel gaps are well-aligned and consistent.

BMW Maintenance Schedule

Of course, manufacturing a car which feels and goes like a BMW means there are more components and technological intricacies built into it than you’d find on a Japanese hatchback. This means that adhering to a strict maintenance schedule becomes crucial. We follow BMW’s Recommended Maintenance Schedule, and our services include the following:

  • BMW Intermediate Oil Service

    This basic oil change should be done every 5000-10,000 miles, and includes synthetic oil replacement, as well as the replacement of the oil filter.

  • BMW Oil and Safety Service

    Moving up a notch, this service should be done annually or every 10,000 miles. As part of this service, we will check and service wheels and brakes, secondary electronic systems, and the chassis.

  • BMW Inspection 1

    This service should be done after 30,000 miles, and then every 60,000 miles after. Included are vital radiator and hose checks – maintaining a healthy cooling system is especially important in warmer climates like ours.

  • BMW Inspection 2

    Also recommended at every 60,000 miles, here we will inspect your car for any signs of rust or rubber wear / cracks.

By sticking to this maintenance schedule, you will likely avoid any serious mechanical issues which could end up costing you more in the long run. Still, cars are unpredictable beasts, and it is in your best interest to understand common issues, and to monitor your vehicle on a cursory level between services.

Common BMW Issues

Every brand has their own manufacturing process, and for better or worse, this results in a set of either positives or negatives down the line for owners. In terms of BMW’s, some of the most common issues you should look out for are:

  • BMW Water Pump

    BMW utilizes an electrical water pump, as opposed to belt-driven versions. While the electrical water pump can keep noise to a minimum, they are known to fail prematurely. Should you need to have yours replaced, try to replace the thermostat at the same time because…

  • BMW Thermostat

    Anything that can cause engine overheating can be placed into the “serious” category, and BMW’s thermostats are not known for working perfectly over an extended period. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge for an engine that is running either too hot or too cold.

  • BMW Electrical Faults

    BMW has always been a leader on the technological front, introducing tech that has never before been seen. The downside is that these innovations are not tried and tested. Problems range from the simple (malfunctioning wipers and door locks) to the complex (failure of the iDrive control system).

  • BMW Ignition Coils

    Ignition coils should last until beyond 100,000 miles, but have been known to fail on BMW’s as early as 60,000. If you notice the engine light going on, misfiring, or unusual vibrations, it could be due to faulty ignition coils. Thankfully, these are relatively simple to replace.

By combining a regular maintenance schedule with a deeper understanding of your BMW and its potential weak spots, you can enjoy many thousands of miles of happy, reliable motoring. Get in touch with our BMW specialists who can help to keep your car in top condition.

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