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What Performance Exhaust Systems Can Do For Your Car

performance exhaust systems

Your car has custom wheels, a tweaked suspension and that carbon-fibre spoiler that turns heads wherever you drive; it’s a visual work of art. However, if you want to take your custom ride to the next level, you should have a serious look at some performance exhaust systems. These systems can drastically improve your car’s driving performance, rear-aesthetics, and of course the sound it makes when you hit the accelerator.

Advantages Of Performance Exhaust Systems

  • Unleash The Power

    Your engine is a powerful machine and its full capabilities are often constrained by the factory exhaust system which was installed by the vehicle manufacturer. This system will do the job, but a performance exhaust system will enable you to really unleash your engine’s full potential. Horsepower and torque can increase significantly as the system improves your engine’s breathing, allowing faster expulsion of burnt combustion gases. Another great benefit of providing clean air to your engine is that you will increase your fuel economy, as the engine will not need to compensate for dirty air by using extra fuel.

  • Make It Roar

    Some would argue that the sound produced by your car is as important as its aesthetics. By using specialized metals and unique chamber configurations, a performance exhaust system can make your car growl and roar in a way that will get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. These systems are designed to be only slightly louder than the stock exhaust while your car is idling, but will produce a distinctively lower growl when you accelerate.

  • Light, Long-Lasting Material

    Running that high-power engine of yours pushes hot gas through your exhaust system every day. This corrodes the system over time and you may need to replace your stock components more frequently than you’d like to. To combat this corrosion, you should choose to install a stainless-steel system that will outlast any stock exhaust and save you money in the long-run. The material used in a custom system will generally weigh less than your stock system so a performance exhaust can also reduce the overall weight of your car. This will lead to performance and fuel economy gains.

  • Environmental Benefits And Beautiful Aesthetics

    Install a cat-back system to not only increase power, but also to protect the environment by removing nasty pollutants. Give your car’s rear aesthetics a significant boost in the process as dual exhaust pipes are installed. Have the tips of the pipes painted to make them really stand out, or simply enjoy the shine of stainless steel.

Two Of Our Favorite Systems

  • Akropovič Evolution Line Titanium

    This system is made entirely of stainless steel or titanium and can save between 12 and 21 kg of weight. No compromises were made to produce this sleek system that will improve power and torque, and refine the aesthetics of your car.

  • Dinan Free Flow Stainless Steel with Black Tips

    Sporting aggressive black tips, this exhaust system gives your car a tasteful high-performance look. The system reduces back pressure to improve exhaust flow, resulting in increased power and a sound that will give you goosebumps when you accelerate hard.

Installing your Performance Exhaust System

Once you have chosen your new exhaust system, you need to have it properly installed and tested to ensure that it is functioning effectively. Exhaust systems are complex as they consist of multiple components that link to your engine, so it is recommended that you get a professional to install the system for you. At Foreign Affairs Motorsports, we have over 35 years of experience in custom exhaust system installation and you can be sure that we’ll do the job properly.

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