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Are You Looking For A Ferrari Mechanic?

ferrari mechanic

It feels like every major supercar manufacturer at one stage or another has set the goal to beat Ferrari. Ford’s famous GT40, anyone? 

A combined effort from Ford and Carroll Shelby to beat Ferrari in the Le Mans endurance race. The entire Lamborghini brand was built to challenge Ferrari when Enzo Ferrari brushed off Ferruccio Lamborghini’s criticism of his personal Ferrari.

In Formula One, teams have entered, dominated, fallen off the pace, went bankrupt, changed names, owners, or in a several ways, become less competitive, or have been forced to leave the sport. All except for Formula One’s mainstay, Ferrari.

It’s clear to see why Ferrari’s are so desirable as both road and race cars and if you are lucky enough to own one of these handcrafted pieces of automotive artwork, it’s only natural to want the best Ferrari mechanic working on your car.

We have addressed the best ways to keep your Ferrari exterior looking factory fresh and how to keep your mint Ferrari in top quality condition. One topic we haven’t discussed is what you can do if your Ferrari needs some extra love and attention, and why there is no better place to bring your Ferrari for service than Foreign Affairs Motorwerks?

Ferrari Mechanics: Experience Matters

A Ferrari is unlike any usual car, and that means that it requires a mechanic that is unlike the usual.

A mechanic that has prior experience with Ferrari’s will know the best and safest ways to maintain your Ferrari. For example, the Ferrari 360 has a convenient removable panel on the inside of the cabin, behind the seats, that gives a mechanic full access to timing and fan belts, whereas in the 348, the entire engine needs to be removed. The 348’s engine can be safely dropped out the bottom of the car, but the F50 requires the transaxle and entire rear of the car removed as one piece before the engine can be safely removed.

The Correct Products

Ferrari engines are built with one purpose in mind, performance.

To reach the upper ends of what an engine is capable of doing, Ferrari uses lighter materials and components that use less material in their engines. These lighter engine parts require less power to move than their counterparts, which results in the engine being able to build and drop revs much quicker. The downside of this is that the engine components are weaker to those you might find in a Toyota and require different lubricant and oils to keep the engine running. Using an engine oil that is too thick can cause a situation where not all the parts of your engine are lubricated properly and that can lead to parts failing, or in the worst-case scenario, your engine seizes.

Ferrari’s also come with a variety of brake and suspension options, and when these parts are inevitably in need of replacement, it’s important to know which part is the correct replacement.

For example, the Ferrari 430 had an option for carbon-ceramic brakes. Second owners of these cars with this option selected would have non-Ferrari mechanics replace these brake pads, often with the wrong part, which lead to a substantial decrease in brake performance, and some cars experiencing complete brake failure.

Ferrari Mechanics In Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has been South Florida’s number one race preparation and sports cars service and repair center since 1978. Our master technicians have over 125 years of combined experience when it comes to working on the most exotic vehicles, making us the only logical choice for all of your Ferrari service and repair needs. Call us today at 954-745-0488.

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