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Do I Need A Wheel Alignment Or A Front-End Alignment?


Do you ever feel as though your vehicle is veering to the left or to the right? This could be a tell-tale sign of poor wheel alignment. Good alignment is vital for a smooth and safe ride. But just because your car has four wheels doesn’t mean that all four wheels need to have their alignment set. Your vehicle may only require front-end alignment. But exactly is the difference?

What Is Wheel Alignment? 

Your car’s wheels are designed to be perfectly aligned to give you a smooth and safe drive. Over time, wheels can become misaligned due to several factors. These include bad road conditions, hitting a pothole, and unchecked driving habits. Your front wheels are the most susceptible to alignment issues. This is because they take the role of steering the car. Wheels are aligned by adjusting the wheel angles to match the manufacturer’s specifications. Make sure you rely on an experienced auto repair facility to set your wheel alignment.

Front-End Alignment 

A front-end alignment focuses on your front two wheels. Two-wheel alignment includes toe, camber, and caster adjustment. Your car’s front wheels are adjusted to run parallel with the center of your car. Some vehicles don’t need a rear wheel alignment adjustment because of their axle design. But in most cases, the technician will be able to determine if the rear wheels also require alignment. The mechanic may also perform a thrust angle adjustment. This adjustment allows the technician to check if all four wheels are ‘square’ with each other.

4-Wheel Alignment 

Full wheel alignment takes place on vehicles that have independent suspension systems. In full alignment, all four wheels are adjusted depending on how far out the setting is. The rear only includes a toe and camber adjustment. It’s important to note that front wheel alignment issues cause your car to veer to the left or right. Rear-wheel adjustment issues cause uneven tire wear that will be noticeable over time. A 4-wheel alignment aims to ensure that all 4 wheels are adjusted to the center of the car. The rear axle is set first in the case of 4-wheel adjustment.

The Benefits of Good Alignment

Wheel alignment comes with some noticeable benefits. These include:

  • Longer Tire Lifespan

    Misalignment leads to constant tire wear. You will need to replace your tires more frequently, costing your money. By correcting your alignment, your tire wear will be even.

  • Smoother Driving Experience

    Corrected alignment means that your wheels won’t be pulling to the right or the left. This results in a smoother and safer driving experience. You won’t struggle with vibrations and a constant tugging to the one side.

  • Increased Fuel Efficiency

    Misalignment can affect your gas mileage due to the constant pulling and veering. When your wheels are correctly aligned, your car doesn’t waste energy by veering to the left or the right. You will be able to save up to 10% in gas by getting your alignment checked.

The Wheel Alignment Experts

No matter what alignment you need, Foreign Affairs Motorwerks are the alignment experts. Our team of experienced technicians will also diagnose any wheel issues such as suspension or brake faults. Our comprehensive vehicle checks help to ensure your family’s safety. Remember that preventative maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your car. us today at 954 746-0488 for an accurate wheel alignment assessment.

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