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The Exciting New Alpha Porsche Intercooler System

Porsche intercooler system

The Porsche Intercooler System is a critical component of their modern turbocharged engine. Its purpose is to ensure that the intake air reaching the cylinders is significantly cooler than ambient. Why would you want to do this? First let me explain how a turbocharger works. The internal combustion engine is basically a large air pump. A normal four stroke engine sucks air and fuel in on the intake stroke, compresses it on the compression stroke, ignites it on the combustion (power) stroke and expels it on the exhaust stroke. What is very obvious about this process is that the more air that can be “pushed” through an engine, the more performance you will get out.

Enter the turbocharger. What this does is compress the air supplied to the engine intake stroke so that more air enters the cylinder on intake. This comes with a tradeoff. As the air is compressed, so it warms up and becomes less dense, so by cooling the air down with an intercooler, more efficient combustion can be achieved. This is all very well, but if you cannot expel the greater volume of air that you have on intake, the system is effectively useless.

This is where Alpha Components comes in. Their latest design is specifically tailored for the Porsche Macan 3 and 3.6-liter twin turbo v6 motors. What all this means is that the engines have two turbos instead of one, each turbo servicing three cylinders. Alpha have applied their genius (and engineering team) to the exhaust and intakes of the Porsche Intercooler System.

  • Intakes
    Unlike some other manufacturers, Alpha have designed their modification in perfect harmony with Porsche’s existing intercooler system, requiring no cutting or modifying the engine components or engine bay. This is impressive considering that there is virtually no free space in a modern engine (if you doubt me, simply pop the hood). The custom carbon fiber intakes are designed using Solid Works cad software and seamlessly mate to the Porsche Intercooler Air Intake Box and Garrett Intercoolers which are 43% thicker then OEM. Adding a high flow filter to the existing airbox is a breeze.
  • Exhaust
    This is all very well, but the stock Porsche exhaust system simply cannot handle the increased volume of air. Cue the Alpha Downpipes, with laser cut heat shielding and 44% more area (76.2mm as opposed to 63.5mm diameter) allows for a smooth flowing, deep sounding exhaust. When this is further optimized by the addition of a GESI catalytic converter, emissions standards are not compromised. When the system is correctly fitted by an approved dealer such as Foreign Affairs Motorsports ASE certified team, the onboard computer will not register any check engine faults.
  • Software
    The stock computer will labor under the illusion that the original Porsche Intercooler System is still fitted, and so the full potential of the Alpha System can only be obtained by remapping using COBB software. This installs an access port into your center console allowing for full customization of the system (right down to shift indicator lights) as well as continuous monitoring of up to six different parameters. Peak power gains are in the region of 30-40%.

This may appear a little daunting on first read, but rest assured that with the friendly support and guidance of our staff at Foreign Affairs Motorsports, the true potential of your Porsche can be unlocked. Why not pop in for a free tech inspection and see what range of modifications can be fitted to your Macan.

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