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Quattro Can Handle It | Easy Audi Performance Mods

Audi performance

I can safely say that the first real mass marketed four-wheel drive road car was the Audi Quattro. Way back in the 1980s a design engineer was so impressed by the success of Volkswagen’s four-wheel drive jeep, called the Iltis, that he decided to bring a similar concept to an Audi performance car; none other than the turbocharged 2.1-liter Quattro. From the outset, it dominated the rally scene, and is still a well-respected performance vehicle today.

Much has changed in the racing world since the 1980s, and Audi has continued to refine their Quattro system. One thing has remained unchanged though. The Audi performance system was built to handle power, so it is more than tolerant of enhancing modifications. Not only does it take them with good grace, but because of the advanced torque vectoring and high-speed stability characteristics inherent to the system, increasing the vehicle’s performance comes at a lower risk to the stability and safety of the system. Quattro has over 100 sensors that continuously monitor the road and drivetrain conditions, allowing the onboard computer to accurately deliver the correct amount of torque to each tire, ensuring optimal road holding. This article will handle five easy mods that you can make to your Audi Quattro to improve its performance.

  1. Performance Air Intakes

    Think of an engine as a giant air pump. The better it breathes, the better it performs. Standard air intakes are designed by manufacturers to be easy to access and support an affordable filter system. Not ideal for performance. Fitting a custom Audi performance cold air intake at Foreign Affairs Motorsport will enhance the flow of air through your engine, making it more responsive and powerful.

  2. Exhaust System

    There are many different types of modification that you can make to your standard Audi exhaust system. It all depends on how much of an increase in performance you are looking for. Stock exhaust systems are made to meet emissions standards and keep manufacturing costs low. One of the fastest mods is to replace the stock catalytic converter with a high flow one. This is the same principle as the air intake; the easier the exhaust gas flow, the better the performance. More advanced mods include replacing the original exhaust manifold with a long or short tube header. A long tube header improves the performance at the higher end of the rev range, which is good for a track car, while a short tube header at the lower end of the rev range; perfect for your daily use vehicle. Alternatively, the entire exhaust system can be re-worked to incorporate a larger diameter pipe, which can also boost performance. Matching the type of system to the car is crucial, as a badly chosen system can result in a decrease in performance. If you are uncertain as to what will work for you, come and see our friendly team of ASE certified technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsports.

  3. Computer System

    Audi has spent a lot of research and development into the control systems for the Quattro. However, their engine management system is quite standard. This is usually optimized for efficiency and emissions and will most certainly not be tailored to any new exhaust or intake systems you have fitted. The choice of having the existing system recalibrated by our professional rigs at Foreign Affairs Motorsport, or whether you wish to fit a completely engine control system by a trusted tuner (such as AWE) is up to you.

  4. Styling And Mags

    Wait, fitting new wheels is actually a performance enhancement? Yup! If you make the right choice of new mags and tires you can definitely improve your car’s road holding. The trick is in knowing what will work best for your ride.

Audi Quattro’s are great cars. Visit Foreign Affairs Motorsports today to make yours incredible.

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