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Get a 911 Rivalling Boxster With These Porsche Modifications

Porsche Modifications

The Porsche Boxster has endured some criticism as not being as powerful and luxurious as the rivalling Porsche 911. Those who purchased the 911 may argue a bigger engine, more horsepower, and of course greater speed. But with a few Porsche modifications, this however does not mean the Boxster cannot deliver on these, and more.

Similarities And Differences Between The Boxster And The 911

As an example, there are not too many differences between a Porsche 718 Boxster S, and that of a Porsche 911 Carrera, both 2017 models. Though the 911 has a bigger engine capacity than the Boxster S, this is only by a .5-liter difference – the Boxster has a four-cylinder boxer and the 911 has a six-cylinder boxer. The 911 Carrera has 370 horsepower (HP) at 6 500 RPM, while the Boxster, 350 HP at 6 500 RPM. Another element where these two models differ is their speed – the Boxster reaches up to 177 miles per hour (MPH) while the 911 boasts with 183 MPH. That being said however, both the models have an acceleration speed of 4.0 – 4.4 seconds.

There is thus not much difference between the Boxster and the 911, with regards to the specific models discussed above. The Boxster is an excellent sports car delivering better grip and balance. Though this does not mean that the one is more superior to the other. With the right Porsche modifications your Boxster can rival her 911 nemesis any day.

The Boxster Modifications

The main areas to focus on where modifications and service to your Boxster is important are your brakes, handling, and engine.

  • Brakes And Handling

    The ability to start and stop your car is very important, and though you may like to go for speed, remember stopping your Boxster is one of the key factors for safety and the health of your car. Getting your brakes modified so that you can stop your car, even if you increased its power, should be first on your list. Ceramic disks, with a 6 or 12 pot caliper will work wonders – the aftermarket part suppliers can help in this regard.

    Upgrading your suspension kit is the first thing to do when you want better handling of your Boxster. A sporty car usually has stiffer springs with a harder damper – this is probably a bit too much if you are looking to drive your beauty on the road every day. Softer springs should do just fine but remember to lower your car to not more than 30mm.

  • The Engine

    Overall a lot can be said for the Porsche engine, and a lot of the engine tuning that you will want to do is mainly based on your own goals and aims with regards to your Porsche – it is not based on which model is better than the other. With your Boxster, an upgraded and good quality exhaust will do the trick in upping the game with the power of your car. The key points to remember when it comes to engine tuning your Porsche Boxster is obtaining a supercharger, and making the right fueling and mapping decisions. These factors will give your car a surge of power that is excellent at meeting any great quality standards.

The Bottom Line

The Boxster and the 911 are both excellent cars manufactured by an excellent company. The 911 has a good reputation but may be a little exaggerated when saying it is superior to the Boxster. However, with regards to handling and using your sports car, and with a few added modifications, your Boxster is an excellent choice to rival the 911.

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