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Audi Brake Repair In Pompano Beach

Audi Brake Repair

Audis has a reputation of combining the comfort found in luxury cars with the otherworldly performance of full-blown super cars. Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive systems help propel you from a standing start to 60mph and beyond in a matter of seconds, and to make sure you can come to a complete stop in the same amount of time, Audi ensures all their vehicles have the best brakes available. This is why Audi brake repair and service is so important.

Recently, we sat our performance shop pros to have a chat about the different aspects of the brakes used on Audis.

When Should I Service My Audi’s Brakes?

Depending on your driving style, you shouldn’t need to replace your brake pads too often. However, it’s recommended that whenever your Audi is in for its routine service, or when you have your tires serviced or changed, that the service technician also inspect your brakes. Most modern Audis have brake wear detectors built in. These work by using the brake pads as part of a circuit, and when there is no longer enough material on your brake pads the overall resistance of the circuit drops, triggering a brake warning light.

Another way to tell that your brakes are worn is if you begin to hear strange sounds when braking, these could be squealing or grounding sounds, which indicate the metal rotors are now making contact with the metal backing of your brake pads. While braking, if you begin to feel any vibrations or pulsations, this is usually a sign of bad brakes.

What Does Audi Brake Repair & Service Entail?

When you bring your Audi in to have its brakes repaired or serviced, a few things will happen.

Firstly, your car will be parked in one of our service bays, where one of our certified technicians will remove your wheels and inspect the brakes. In some cases, only the brake pads need to be replaced, as the rotor has sufficient life left. Audi still uses drum brakes as the parking brake. They are found on the inner surface of the rotor’s hat. Our technicians will also inspect these.

Secondly, all the brake fluid will be drained from your car and the brake calipers will be removed. Our technicians use specialized tools to push back the calipers pistons to their original position as they will have adjusted to make up for the thinner worn brake pads. The new brake pads will then be fitted.

If required, new rotors, brake lines and brake shoes will be fitted before the caliper with new brake pads are reinstalled. Additionally, our technicians will then refill your vehicle’s brake system with fresh brake fluid. They will then bleed the entire system to ensure there are no trapped air bubbles and top-off the brake fluid.

Lastly, your parking brake is tested and adjusted as needed before your wheels are refitted before your Audi is returned to you.

Audi Brake Repair Specialists in Pompano Beach

If your Audi is in need of any brake work, whether it be repair, service or an upgrade, look no further than Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. We are South Florida’s Premier Auto Repair, Performance and racing facility! Our ASE certified team is uniquely positioned to offer dealer level service. Also, as an official retailer of premium brake brands like PFC brakes and Brembo, you can rest easy knowing that only the very best parts will be fitted to your Audi.

Stop in to our Pompano Beach auto repair shop today! You can also call (954) 746-0488 to schedule an appointment.

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