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Mercedes Customization Ideas That Will Get You Noticed

Mercedes customization

A Mercedes-Benz is already a high-performance head turning car, but sometimes they can fail to express the personality of their drivers. That’s where Mercedes customization comes in. Whether you want to express your racing prowess, or you want your car to be the ultimate cruiser, there are plenty of new and exciting ways to customize your Mercedes both visually and in performance

Visual Upgrades

One of the first things you might want to consider when customizing your Mercedes is looking at a vinyl wrap or head light tinting. The advantage of wraps and tinting is they protect your lights and original paint work from scratches and UV damage. They also give your car a truly unique look, as a wrap can have any design you can dream of printed on it, from matte finishes to full replica race liveries.

Tinted head lights adds to your theme, whether it’s a stealthy look with lights and a black wrap, to adding that finishing touch to your race livery with yellow tinted headlights, your look can become truly one of a kind, and if you do ever get bored, removing the wrap just requires some time and a heat gun. Painting parts like calipers, rims and trim can bring attention to your subtle mods, are add contrast to your striking body work.

Body kits are another way to expand on your custom look – if you’re truly chasing the track car look, you can complement your custom livery with a replica race kit or delete unnecessary trim and badges with debadged hoods and grills to match your stealthy cruiser. The important thing to remember when choosing a body kit is to choose a kit that compliments the car’s purpose.

A custom lighting package also gives your car a unique flare. You don’t have to go through an expensive smart lighting retrofit, but replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs, adding badge projectors in your door wells and installing aftermarket backlit scuff guards will all add to your car’s flare.

Performance Upgrades

There are plenty of options available when it comes to getting more performance out of your Mercedes. These customizations can vary from allowing the engine to breathe better with custom exhausts and intakes, to increasing power with new internals, ECU chips and forced induction. If you’re really looking to turn heads, a performance exhaust can give your Mercedes the presence of a real supercar, or by adding larger mufflers you can have your Mercedes stealthily sneak through the car meet, allowing its lines to steal the show and producing a real sleeper car.

Mercedes customization

Visual Upgrades that Boost Performance

Not all modifications are strictly performance or aesthetic, some modifications can improve both. Wheels are the one place people often forget can improve your car’s look and performance. A good forged rim can change the look of your car completely, while allowing the car to have more responsive steering and grip. Our performance shop pros can tell you more on how to choose the perfect wheel for your needs.

Visual components like brake calipers, diffusers and body kits all can be used to increase performance. Big multi-piston calipers not only allow you to brake harder but give you something attractive to focus on. Choosing a Mercedes styling mod not only makes your car lighter, which leads to better acceleration and handling, but can also increase your car’s downforce and decrease air resistance, which leads to better acceleration and top speed. Adding strut bars, custom intakes and silicone cooling tubes all work together to better your performance and gives your engine a one of a kind look that can be color coded to match your car’s theme.

With all customizations, we recommend you investigate how it affects your car’s performance, your manufacturer’s warranty and service plan. All custom work should be completed by trained professionals as not to cheapen the car’s look or ruin any aspect of the car. Should you need any advice on your next modification, our expert team at Foreign Affairs Motorsport can assist you and will be happy to answer your questions and address any of your concerns.

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