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Porsche Turbo Kits | A Guide To Turbo Upgrades

porsche turbo kits

The truth is, if you’re a car enthusiast there is no such thing as too much power, and this is no different with the effortless Porsche range of turbocharged vehicles and the Porsche turbo kits. Most car manufactures are turbocharging their vehicles but not all turbos are made equal which includes Porsche turbo kits. Modifications such as turbo charging your engine will improve the value of your vehicle not to mention the obvious; improve your driving pleasure.

Principles Of Turbocharging

Simply put, a turbo charger will provide you with more power under the accelerator. It is the increase in the amount of air entering the combustion chamber that provides you with the speed you’re after. The aim of turbocharging is to improve the volumetric efficiency of your engine by decreasing the density of the intake gas. The turbocharger draws air from the atmosphere and compresses it before it enters into the intake manifold at increased pressure. More air enters into the cylinders on each intake stroke. Your fuel burns more efficiently and less work is required from your cylinders.

The three main components of a turbocharger are the turbine, the compressor and the center hub rotating assembly.

Post turbo charging, you’ll get plenty power from a smaller engine similar to what you would get if the engine were larger and more powerful, minus the lack of space meaning that you can increase the speed of your small engine or decrease the size of your engine but keep the same output.

Reasons To Consider Upgrading

  • Fuel Economics

    Because a turbocharged engine is smaller, it burns less gas; your consumption is reduced. Added to this, a turbocharger is not always active so if the driver is not requesting the power then no extra air is pushed on to the engine and less fuel is used on a daily basis. Aside from saving you money, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Power

    A turbocharger provides double the amount of power than an engine half its size, on demand. Offering drivers the power they want with no added fuel usage. Turbocharging is not a cure for a poor performing engine that has lost its power, but in a vehicle where your engine is in good shape, a turbocharger will definitely improve performance, drivability and overall fun and excitement. Even better, if you drive a turbocharged vehicle as you would a normally aspirated car, you get even more responsiveness.

  • Competition Use

    If you’re looking for higher horsepower to race your car, keep in mind that not all cars can withstand the higher levels being demanded. If you’re looking for increased responsiveness and higher straight-line speed, a turbocharged upgrade is the way to go. Start by checking your particular engine platform and research where its weak spots are and take this into consideration. If you’re looking for even more power than your average car, internal modifications might be necessary to handle the added stress, especially if you’re looking for a 50-100% power increase which is common in competition cars.

porsche turbo kits

Choosing The Correct Turbocharger For Your Car

If you’ve come this far and decided to upgrade your car, it’s important that you do your research. Here are a few elements to go on when you decide what turbo is best for your car:

  • What are you trying to achieve? Are you looking for more power, improved driving experience or the cost benefits of driving a turbocharged car? An upgrade will affect the reliability and the usability of your vehicle so you will need to have a clear vision in mind. If you’re looking to create a street/strip car, you will need to take the condition of your engine into consideration.
  • Set a realistic power target for your turbocharged vehicle. Too much power in a small car can have an adverse effect on traction. Too big of a turbo could lead to a blown engine so make sure to get this right. Calculate the volume and air moving through your engine so you choose a turbo that is capable of moving that amount of air.
  • Choose a make and model that is high quality and known for its reliability. There is no point in going cheap now, because later down the line you will pay for it.
  • Focus on horsepower and airflow.
  • What fuel are you using?
  • What is your RPM range? The bigger the turbo, the higher up you’ll need to go in the rev range to get full boost.
  • Does your car already have a turbo?

When it comes to turbochargers, you get what you pay for. If it’s cheap in monetary value then it’s most likely to be cheap in quality too. Weak materials are sometimes used to build turbos and this will affect the quality of your drive and ultimately your performance.

Porsche Turbo Kit Upgrades

Earlier turbocharged Porsche models experienced heavy lag which has made turbo upgrades a common request. Here are a few examples of upgrades that can be done to improve drivability.

  • Twin-Scroll Turbos

    Two inlets are used for exhaust gases instead of just one. The turbo works at low revs and high revs and where the lag usually occurs when the exhaust gas rate is lower. The second inlet takes over and provides a smoother delivery of power. Twin-scroll turbos also offer more flexibility when it comes to tuning.

  • Twin-Turbos

    Twin-turbos allow for options. With twin-turbos you are able to have a single turbo operating on each cylinder bank, or two turbos similar in size where one operates at low revs and both operate at higher revs. This essentially doubles your turbocharging output.

  • Variable Geometry Turbos

    These turbos make use of vanes within the turbo. These vanes can open up entirely which is most beneficial at lower speeds. The vanes can also open and close their relative angle towards the central spinning shaft. These changes in geometry is what solves the issue of lag.

The best suggestion you can make is to consult a professional when it comes to upgrading your vehicle whether its servicing your existing turbo, fitting a new turbo, or your general Porsche service. Using professional technicians will play a huge part in the longevity of your love affair with your upgraded baby, assuming you’re an obsessive motor head.

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