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Mercedes Repair And Maintenance | Common E-Class Issues

Mercedes repair

With the E-Class being Mercedes best-selling car, you could not fathom how many common issues there are, issues which could require you to find a Mercedes repair shop only after weeks of buying it second-hand.

When you think of Mercedes-Benz you most likely think of well-engineered German cars, a few other words that may come to mind are stunning design, high quality build, and classy finish. Generally, common issues which plague the E-Class are always overlooked, due to the fact that when someone sells you a car they will only tell you the good and not the bad. In this article we have listed some common issues with the Mercedes E-class.

Common Issues Which Plague The Mercedes E-Class

This is not to take away from the amazing vehicle which is the Mercedes E-Class, but rather to inform you of the problems which can occur over their life-span and educate you on what to look out for so that you don’t have to constantly have your Mercedes in for repair. Things to look out for include:

  • Power steering – this issue is due a fault in the power steering pump which leads loss of control whilst steering.
  • Differential leaks – this issue is prevalent in Mercedes E-Class with high mileage. The seals and cover of the differential can begin to leak should regular Mercedes repair and maintenance not occur.
  • Difficulty shifty of automatic transmission – this problem occurs general between first, second and third gear due to internal transmission component failure.
  • Head lights – whilst you often don’t think to check the headlights of a car be sure to check the bulbs as a known fault where the voltage leading into the headlights is too high which causes the bulbs to burnout before their full life-span.
  • Braking – a fault with the sensotronic brake control system forces the vehicle to switch to standard hydraulic braking. As such, only limited braking pressure is delivered to the brakes.
  • Suspension – to reduce vibrations from the vehicle part of the suspension components are filled with oil. These components are very susceptible to cracking which causes oil leaks and poor suspension whilst driving.
  • Crack shaft – an issue with the crankshaft position sensor cause the car to stall.
  • Acceleration or loss of power – there are two problems which could cause this issue. Firstly, the camshaft is prone to premature wear which causes problems with responsiveness and acceleration of the vehicle. Secondly, the fuel injector’s seals are prone to failure which would lead to frequent loss of power.
  • Battery drain – should the vehicle have an air pump then you need to keep an eye out for battery drain. There is an issue with the relays of the air pump which cause them to stick, thus keeping the pump constantly running which drains your battery.

To sum it up, there are plenty of issues with the Mercedes E-Class, yet this doesn’t take away from it being a stunning car with good resale value. Should you consider buying a second-hand E-Class and don’t want to spend a fortune on Mercedes repair and maintenance costs then be sure to keep all of the above in mind when looking for a new vehicle.

Things to be wary of while test driving the car are any sounds or vibrations the car makes which feel as if they don’t belong, the smell of fuel in the car, excessive suspension, oil leaks, loss of acceleration and loss brake power. However, if you feel you would not be able to spot these problems then you should definitely hire a professionals to perform a pre-purchase inspection for you instead.

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