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Mercedes Tuning Tips For The C-Class

Mercedes tuning

When you think of Mercedes C-Class the first thing which comes to mind is a well-engineered German car. With this in mind most people would never think of tuning a Mercedes for better performance as they are able to hold their own against their competitors. Yet, most people always want more out of their vehicles and as such we shall explore Mercedes tuning just to see what you can change to get better performance from your Mercedes!

Mercedes tuning can improve all aspects of your vehicle to get more power and performance from speed to braking power to suspension. So where do we begin? A good place to start is to look at the options available which can be tuned to better improve your Mercedes’s performance.

What Mercedes Tuning Options Are Available?

  • ECU Remapping – this is the most common performance upgrade which can be performed on a Mercedes C-Class. The ECU is the computer system which monitors and manages the engine. The ECU controls the flow rate of fuel into the turbo and the engine. By performing a remap you will optimize the fuel’s flow rate and can expect performance gains of about 10-50% (The upper end of this performance gain assumes additional Mercedes tuning to have been done. Such as, upgrading the fuel injectors). However, a major drawback to performing an ECU remap is that you would have to service your car more regularly.
  • Lighter Flywheel – a heavy flywheel means that it is more difficult for the engine to accelerate or decelerate. The advantage of a heavy flywheel is only visible on long journeys. If you drive around the city a lot then you will definitely feel the power gain from replacing your flywheel with a lighter one. When you accelerate your vehicle will pick up speed more quickly, yet on that same note it will also lose speed more quickly when you take your foot off of the throttle.
  • Electric Water Pumps – most water pumps are mechanical pumps and these drain a large amount of power from your engine as they operate proportionally to you your engine’s RPM. An electric water pump is a must should you do a lot of tuning on your Mercedes, as it will help prevent overheating by keeping the temperatures down whereas a mechanical pump only runs as long as your engine is running. Electric water pumps are more optimized in regards to coolant flow and weight as opposed to mechanical ones.
  • Gas Flowing a Head – this is the process of removing imperfections on the engine’s air inlet valves. By removing the imperfections to the air inlet valves you decrease the amount of drag caused by air leading into the engine, thus allowing for better airflow. This will provide you with a noticeable power increase at higher speeds.
  • Suspension – this is always an option to consider when tuning your Mercedes. Unfortunately, there is not much leeway here as you generally only have two options available to you.

    The two options available are

    • Comfort suspension, makes use of softer spring rate stiffness which is designed to absorb the bumps and curves on the road thus giving you a more comfortable ride overall.
    • Sport-Tuned suspension, increases the spring rate stiffness and shock damping thus allowing for better handling at the price of a more comfortable ride.
  • Brakes – finally, we can’t forget to mention the brakes! It’s important to stress that with so much increased power from Mercedes tuning you also need better braking power to go along with the performance increase. Two options are available to C-Class owners for increasing your braking power. Firstly, you can purchase better quality uprated brake pads or secondly, you can purchase a big brake conversion kit which increases the size of the brake calipers, disk and pads allowing for better braking power due to a larger friction surface.

There are plenty of Mercedes tuning options available to you if you are looking to improve the performance of your C-Class. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are going to perform tuning on your Mercedes you should contact the professionals to perform the tuning so that you are guaranteed to get the most out of it.

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