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Mercedes Tuning: Adding A Turbocharger To A Non-Turbo Car

Mercedes Tuning

We hear the same complaint every week -” I love the feel and drive of my Mercedes but the performance is lacking, and I would love more power under foot. Have you ever thought about how you can get more power from your Mercedes without affecting the fuel efficiency? Have you worried that doing this might be quite a task on your own? With the help of a Mercedes tuning expert you could achieve the quest for more power without blowing your fuel budget. How, you ask? One word – Turbochargers!

How Does a Turbocharger Work and Why You Should Invest in One?

A turbocharger is an air pump that will increase the volume of air that is being pushed into the combustion chamber. When this increased air is mixed correctly with fuel that is pumped into the combustion chamber, it will increase the power output of the engine as it is able to burn fuel at a quicker rate. The turbocharger is powered mainly through the exhaust – the air that is expelled as burnt up gases is used to charge the turbocharger. This process will not only increase the power of the engine but make it more fuel efficient as well.

Some studies have been done that show having a turbocharger fitted to your vehicle can increase the fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Even though all Mercedes engines are different, the addition of the turbocharger would at minimum increase the fuel efficiency by 10%. An added benefit of this would be reducing your carbon footprint on the environment. This is achieved by the turbocharger having an increased intake of air to fuel ratio and means you are burning less fuel and more oxygen. So, the addition of the turbocharger would be a whole packaged deal to your pocket and the environment.

The only issue with turbochargers is that they are tricky to install – even the smallest mistake when installing the turbocharger would render it completely useless in fact it might even damage your engine. Having a fully certified Mercedes mechanic to install it would be the best solution. Foreign Affairs Motorsport is able to fit the turbocharger and test the performance to make sure ratio of oxygen to fuel is perfect to achieve the best performance.

Pros and Cons of installing an aftermarket Turbocharger

In case you haven’t realized the advantages of turbocharging your vehicle yet, or are a little worried about what the disadvantages could be, here are some pros and cons for you to ponder:


  • Your overall fuel economy will improve as the turbo charger naturally burns less fuel to increase the power.
  • Your power output will increase as the turbo charger is able to increase the pressure in the cylinder to give more power.
  • The cost of the upgrade is minimal and is a very quick procedure if done by a certified Mercedes Benz repair shop, this will also give you peace of mind about the workmanship.


  • If it is installed incorrectly it could render the whole engine ineffective as it could damage the combustion chambers.
  • The turbocharger could increase fuel usage if the ratio of oxygen to fuel is incorrect and has not been calibrated by a professional.

When installing an aftermarket turbocharger be sure that you get this done at an approved Mercedes service center that comes with a guarantee of the workmanship. The last thing you need or want is the quest for more power blowing up your car and pocket. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we can help turbocharge your dream car – so give us a call at (954) 746-0488.

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