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Mercedes Performance Parts: Air Intake Systems

Mercedes Performance Parts

Does your Mercedes slow down with no breaks? Does your E-Class Coupe not ride as smooth as it used to? Well, it may be time for you to check out your Air Intake System. But first, you may ask yourself what is an air intake system is and how it fits into the Mercedes performance parts spectrum?

Air Intake System

An air intake system is a part of the car that pumps oxygen into the car engine for combustion. It is considered to be one of the most important parts of the engine. There are three parts to the system:

  1. The air filter, that the engine breathes through.
  2. The mass flow sensor, that measures the air flow coming into the engine.
  3. The throttle body determines how much air is inside the engine for combustion.

All of these parts can be found under the hood of your Mercedes

Air Filters

Though it may sound like it, air filters are not for the AC in your car. Air filters, are what the engine breathes through. As the name suggests, air filters filter out the particles within the air. This makes sure that the air does not damage the engine system. For it to be functional, an air filter needs fuel and air. You can find the air filter near the throttle valve and the intake manifold.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor assesses out how much air is entering before it goes into the throttle body. There are two types of sensors: hot wire and vane meter. The vane meter uses a flap that air pushes back. For a more accurate measurement,there’s also a second vane. Hot wires on the other hand, measures the air stream through a series of wires. As the temperature increases, so too does the electrical resistance. Doing this limits the electrical current. This allows more of the air current to flow through the circuitry.

Throttle Body

 A throttle body allows the air to flow through the combustion chamber of the engine, as well as limit the amount of airflow.  A throttle body is mainly made up of a shaft that the throttle plate rotates on. When you push the accelerator pedal, the throttle body then opens and allows the air into the engine. Once the pedal is off, the air then moves into the combustion chamber.  So, the throttle body controls the speed at which the engine combusts.

Cold Air Intake

There’s also something called a cold air intake. It is an inexpensive modification that allows cooler air into the combustion chamber and therefore, increases power. You can replace the standard Mercedes air box with a cone-like air filter called a short ram intake. How much power gained through this method all depends on how much air already goes through your Mercedes air box. There are also fender mounts, that move the filter into the fender wall, drawing more air through it.This provides isolated and cooler air. 

In Need of Service

So when should your Mercedes need a new air infiltration system? By far the easiest way to know is if the engine light comes on. Make sure to check the manual to know which light this is – check out this post on identifying Mercedes service lights. However, some clues to knowing if the system is malfunctioning is a reduction in power, ineffective acceleration, or poor fuel efficiency. This could mean that the air filter is either clogged or dirty. Also, make sure that the air filter system isn’t wet or spongy as that can also cause problems. Another way to find out if your system is faulty is if your vehicle is idling too high. This could be the result of a vacuum leak from a broken port. If such an occurrence happens, be sure to stop by at either your favorite local auto repair shop – Foreign Affairs Motorsport – to have it repaired.

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