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Mercedes Tuning – Upgrading Your Horsepower

Mercedes tuning

Are you looking to bring some power to your Mercedes? If so you’ve landed on the right article. Get comfy as we take a look at all the upgrades you can perform and what Mercedes tuning you can do to get the most horse power out of your dream ride.

Mercedes vehicles are designed for a wide variety of people. The average commuter might not require more power from a Mercedes than just what a stock standard Mercedes offers. However, if you’re reading this then you’re not the average commuter and you definitely want more bang for your buck. If that’s the case, you should definitely consider bringing your Mercedes in for tuning to our professionally certified Mercedes performance shop.

Performance Upgrades Available to Your Mercedes

There are plenty things which you can change on your Mercedes to improve its performance – we’ve compiled a detailed list for you of all the best performance upgrades you can do.

  • ECU Remapping

    ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping is the process of improving your Mercedes’s performance by means software. The ECU is a small control unit which dictates how the engine works, this includes how much fuel is sent into the engine and so forth. Default ECU settings are not the best for performance. This is because vehicle manufacturers ship all over the world, so the default ECU has to abide by laws and regulations of various countries. As such, by remapping your ECU you can expect an increase in power, and potentially fuel consumption, depending on your driving style. However, the benefits of performing a remap will be visible straight away.

  • Turbocharger

    Turbo kits provide your Mercedes with a means to go faster for less. A turbocharger works by allowing more air to flow into the engine, this in turn provides more oxygen during the combustion process. There is generally no downside to adding a turbo to your Mercedes besides the cost, it should be noted that a turbo produces a whining sound as the turbo fills with air and discharges. However, most people enjoy the sound of a turbo whining as you can hear the power being delivered straight to your Mercedes.

  • Performance Exhausts

    This provides a significant improvement in power at the cost more noise from your exhaust. Performance exhausts allow exhaust fumes to leave your vehicle with less constraint, as a result you will improve your Mercedes power and fuel efficiency. The cost of this upgrade however, is that the sounds coming from your exhaust will be a lot louder than before. Which is not always a bad thing, as a lot of people love hearing their Mercedes roar with performance exhausts.

  • Air Intake

    By replacing your standard Mercedes air intake with a performance air intake you are essentially giving your Mercedes a huge power boost. The principal is similar to that of the turbocharger in the sense that a performance air intake will allow more air into your engine, thus providing you with greater combustion.

  • Weight Related Issues

    It’s well known that the more your car weighs the more power it requires and in turn fuel. A good way of increasing your vehicle’s performance is by removing excess weight from it. While this isn’t always a practical solution it is a solution to be considered. Imagine replacing your bulky electric seats with lighter racing seats instead, such a weight reduction usually makes a noticeable difference on performance.

So now that you know a bit more about Mercedes tuning, it’s time to act and improve your Mercedes’s performance today! To find out more about what upgrades you can have done on your Mercedes check out South Florida’s Premier Auto Repair shop. Foreign Affairs Motorsport is definitely the place to go to when upgrading or tuning your Mercedes this year. Covering everything from Mercedes tuning such as engine reworks to simple aesthetic upgrades such as paint and body work.

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