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Porsche Accessories to Boost Performance

Porsche accessories

With prolific production worldwide, it is no wonder that Porsche has so many accessories. The question is, where do you begin? With the vast range of Porsche models, comes a broad range of Porsche accessories. We’re here to break things down for you so that you can go ahead and refine your search to your car’s specific requirements. From the adventurous outdoor vehicle to the sleek sports car, each model can come with its own unique set of abilities and style. If you are not into flashy, you can upgrade your vehicle on a more practical level, with a range of service and repairs designed for enhanced performance and safety (and an easier ride!)

First of all, there are two main categories that accessories can fall under:

  • Fast and flashy (speed and style)
  • Safe and strong (maintenance)

Off the bat it may seem obvious how these two categories differ, but let’s take a closer look at what to expect so that you can further refine your accessory choices.

Fast and Flashy

Who doesn’t love fast and flashy when it comes to the track? There are loads of performance improving accessories that will get your Porsche that little extra boost it needs while still looking good:

  • Speed and Control: Race Performance

    • Speed: These accessories are for the racetrack enthusiasts, or for those just looking for a more unique look and feel! Want more speed? Get more power with turbo chargers, increase torque with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) remapping software, or enhance your exhaust system with performance exhausts!
    • Control: You’ll need better handling if you are looking for more speed, so look toward tires, steering, and suspension accessories. For example, you can get:
      • Anti-roll bars (Get around those corners safely without rolling your vehicle)
      • Coillovers (better suspension and to reduce weight transfer when going around corners at top speed)
      • Adjustable control arms (great for traction and caster control)
  • Style

    We all want to stand out sometimes, and with the wide variety of interior trims, exterior paints, and different rim designs, you can get creative and show off your individuality – with style! At Foreign Affairs Motorsport, you can take your pick among these accessories:

    • Wheel Spacers (These reduce load transfer by offsetting the wheels)
    • Racing Sport Seats (Car seats that are contoured to hold your body)
    • Harness Belts (These are used for safety and stability)
    • Aero Kits (Modified body parts, such as custom spoilers, bonnets and side skirts)
    • Short Throw Shifters (These shift sticks have a shorter stick, so that your hand does not have to move far to change gears!)

Safe and Strong

Keeping things safe and solid when driving a vehicle built for speed is critical. There are many accessories that can work toward this and part of keeping things safe and strong is to invest in regular maintenance:

  • Preventative Measures and Maintenance

    This category focuses on general maintenance that most Porsches need for optimal performance, and it is something that every serious car owner should consider.

    Your car is made up of many small but vital parts that keep it running, and with everyday use comes a lot of wear and tear. With Porsche preventative maintenance and repair, you can improve your car’s performance by maintaining or replacing these small accessories, for example:

    • Fan Belts (These are subject to extreme temperatures, which cause wear and tear)
    • Hydraulic Components (This is vital for proper brake and suspension functions)
    • Brake Sensors and Traction Control (Sensors can easily get jammed due to regular use)
    • Hoses (These are prone to cracks, which can lead to leakage)

    While these elements may be small, keeping them in good condition will prevent large and unnecessary costs in future.

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance (The Ultimate Performance Check)

    This is one of the most important checkups that your vehicle can have. These checkups are tailored to each model and are routine checks to see if your car is up to manufacturer standard (making sure it runs as good as new!) Not only is it important for your vehicle’s performance over all, but it is also important for your vehicles life-span. Warranty and safety should be on the top of your list, so be sure to check out a Porsche service center like Foreign Affairs Motorsport to get your factory schedule maintenance check.
    These are the kind of things that are looked at when doing factory maintenance:

    • Model specific or custom engine oil
    • Vehicle fluids and engine air filter replacements, repair, and inspections
    • Tire, brake, and clutch inspection
    • Windscreen wiper blades

Factory schedule maintenance is one of the most important services to ensure your vehicles longevity. You can get full diagnostic system tests to perform a comprehensive over-all service to your car, which will ensure that every part gets attention. Check out the range of Porsche services at Foreign Affairs Motorsport to keep your Porsche in top condition!

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