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Everything You Need to Know About Transmission Rebuilds

transmission rebuilds

The transmission is the second largest part of the drivetrain; the engine is the largest. Transmissions can take a lot of abuse, and seldom fail. When they do, however, repair can be costly. The owner is often left with the dilemma of whether to have the transmission rebuilt, or to replace it outright. This guide will hopefully help answer that question.

A transmission’s goal is hidden in its name, it serves to transmit the engine torque and power to the wheels via a set of gears usually contained in an alloy case and immersed in oil. There are many different types of transmission, but two broad categories. Automatic and manual.

An auto transmission performs the gear shift operation without any assistance from the driver, and utilizes complicated mechanical components such as a torque converter or dual clutch system. It is favored by sports cars, due to the elimination of driver error that can endanger human life, or possibly damage the engine. However, it is more difficult to perform a transmission rebuild on than a manual. A manual transmission has a single clutch, and usually seven different gear ratios. It is a simpler design and much easier to perform a transmission rebuild on. Either way, both types of transmission require specialist attention, preferably by a technician with past experience in your marque and model.

Rebuilding a transmission has several benefits. The transmission is removed from the vehicle and cleaned. It is then carefully opened, and all seals, bearings and worn components such as synchromesh and selectors are replaced. Manufacturers often release updated components to fix certain recurring issues, and these are obviously incorporated into the transmission rebuild. Clearly, this type of job requires a skilled technician and specialist tooling. It can also take a considerable amount of time. Our experts at Foreign Affairs Motorsports are ASE certified and more than capable to perform a full transmission rebuild.

If you are anxious to get on the road quickly, a remanufactured transmission rebuild is the way to go. Most of the time this is not a new transmission, but one which the auto manufacturer has rebuilt at their own factory. It is ordered in and so replacement is much quicker. A little like buying new socks as opposed to having them sewed up by hand. However, the remanufactured transmission rebuild will not necessarily have the latest, most updated components, or have been given individual attention so it’s likely to not be as smooth as one rebuilt by experts. Since the manufacturer produces large quantities of these transmissions, remanufactured rebuilt transmissions are often the cheaper option. Foreign Affairs Motorsports can easily perform the swap.

Once a transmission rebuild or replacement has occurred, it is advisable to change the transmission oil after a thousand miles, just to ensure any debris that might have found their way into the rebuild are flushed out. As you can see, your choice of option vastly depends on your timeframe and budget. What doesn’t depend on either is the capability of Foreign Affairs Motorsports technicians to asses, rebuild or replace your transmission, while sticking to rigid quality controls. If you are uncertain of which option to choose, feel free to pop in and consult with us.

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